Pokemon Quest uses a different method of poker than other games in the series. Instead of throwing a pokeball and hoping for the best, the coaches use the food to lure new Pokémon into their base camp. There are several recipes for different kinds of Pokemon and certain foods that are used to attract legendary Pokémon like Mewtwo. In this Pokemon Quest Recipes We guide you through each recipe in Pokemon Quest, how to get more cooking pots, and all the ingredients, rare ingredients and Rainbow Matter and Mystical Shells The game has to offer. It may seem a bit daunting at first, but with all this information you will be a master Cooking Pokemon Quest in no time!

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Pokemon Quest Recipes

The game allows players to build their own base camp and lure them to become friends with Pokemon. You have to cook to win Pokemon, with several different recipes available. You will be earning ingredients as rewards during expeditions that can be combined into various dishes, including stews, curries, rainbow bowls, and more. Each dish attracts a specific type of Pokemon, so we've put together every recipe in Pokemon Quest we've found so far. Each recipe has a descriptor that gives an indication of the right ingredients. We'll explain each recipe in Pokemon Quest and update it with exact examples when we unlock it. Let's start with each ingredient in Pokemon Quest.

Each component in Pokemon Quest

Pokemon Quest recipe ingredients

There are eight different standard ingredients in Pokemon Quest. They can be added to the pot in your base camp in various combinations to make different recipes. You collect ingredients while you are on expeditions, they are defeated by Pokemon. Here is every standard ingredient in Pokemon Quest.

  • Little mushroom – red, "soft and small"
  • Apricorn – yellow, "hard and small"
  • fossil – Gray, "hard and small"
  • Bluk Berry – Blue, "soft and small"
  • Great root – "soft and valuable"
  • Icy rock – Blue, "hard and valuable"
  • balsam mushroom – gray, "soft and valuable"
  • honey – yellow, "soft and valuable"

Pokemon Quest Rare Ingredients

There are two types of Rare Ingredients that can be found in Pokemon Quest. You can take them by defeating rare and powerful Pokemon found at the end of certain expeditions. They have special qualities and create dishes that attract rare and legendary Pokémon. Here are all the rare ingredients explained in Pokemon Quest.

  • Rainbow matter – Can be used to replace other ingredients
  • Mystic shells – Used to make Ambrosia of Legends a la Cube and put on rare and legendary Pokémon

Pokemon Quest Recipes

Pokemon Quest cooking tips

Cooking in Pokemon Quest can be a bit daunting at first, but there are some general tips that will help you get the hang of it and bring awesome Pokemon to your camp. Below are some helpful Pokemon Quest cooking tips:

  • Target specific types of Pokémon by creating specific recipes. This will help you build multiple Pokémon teams to cover every situation
  • You can spend PM ticket to finish prescriptions early, this can be useful, if you have any, go spare and do not expect to spend them for decorations
  • Each recipe contains a description that explains what makes it a dish
  • Getting more and more pots while it costs money is the best way to become faster Pokemon

Pokemon Quest recipe list

Unlocking recipes in Pokemon Quest is easy, you must first make them with ingredients that you have earned on expeditions. Each recipe has a description that gives you an idea of ​​what you need to do in your cooking pot to put on a certain type of pokemon, the number in parenthesis next to each ingredient refers to the exact amount you need to put in. It helps you find out what each meal in Pokemon Quest does. Here is the list of Pokemon Quest recipes explained.

  • Mulligan stew a la cube – All ingredients that you can find at the beginning. Attract low-level Pokemon like Rattata and Pidgey
  • Yellow curry a la cube – Made from apricots (4) and whatever else you can find. attracts yellow Pokemon like Bellsprout.
  • Red stew a la cube – Use mainly red ingredients like small mushrooms, big roots (5), pull red Pokemon like Charmander.
  • Blue soda a la cube – Use Mostly Blue ingredients like Blueb Berries (5), attracting Blue Pokemon like Nidoran.
  • Gray porridge a la cube – Cooking with gray ingredients like fossils (4), balm mushrooms, attracts gray Pokemon like macho.
  • Mud cake a la cube – Use Fossils (2) mixed with other ingredients, attract soil pokemon like Diglett, Geodude, Onix, Sandshrew
  • Ambrosia of legends a la cube – It's made up of "many mystical things," mainly rainbow shells and matter that attract rare Pokemon.
  • Get Swole Syrup a la Cube – From sweet things like honey (1) and berries (2) and a tiny mushroom (1), Fighting Pokemon attracts like Mankey.
  • Watts a Risotta a la Cube – Soft and yellow things, basically just apricots (1) and honey (2) and Tiny Mushroom (2) mixed together. Attracts electric Pokémon like Voltorb.
  • Hot pot a la cube – Mix mushrooms (3) and berries (2), draw fire Pokemon like Magmar, Charmander, Ponyta, Vulpix.
  • Light-as-air casserole a la cube – Mix Fossils (2) and Roots (2) and an icy stone, attracting flying Pokémon like Spearow, Aeridactyl, Doduo, Farfetch & Scyther.
  • Stone soup a la cube – Mix fossils (3) and apricorns (2), attract rock pokemon like Geodude, Ryhorn, Onix, Kabuto.
  • Brainfood a la cube – Add Bluk Berries (3) and Apricots (2), Psychic Pokemon attracts like Abra, Jynx, Exeggcute, Mr. Mime.
  • Mud Soup a la Cube – Add Tiny Mushrooms (3) and Balsam Mushrooms (2), draw poison Pokemon like Grimer, Bulbasaur, Ekans, Gastly, Koffing.
  • Veggie smoothie a la cube – Use large roots (3), apricots (1) and balsam mushrooms (1), grass Pokemon attracts Bulbasaur, Bellsprout, Oddish, Tangela.
  • Simple crepe a la cube – Add Bluk Berries (3) and Fossils (2), attracting regular Pokémon like Jigglypuff, Kangaskan, Porygon, Rattata, Mauzi, Eevee, Dito.
  • Mouth-water dip a la cube – Bluk Berries (3) and Tiny Mushrooms (2), draws water Pokemon like Magikarp, Seel, Staryu, Poliwag, Psyduck.
  • Honey nectar – Use Apricorn (1), Bluk Berry (2), Honey (2), Bow Bug Pokemon like Caterpillar, Pinsir, Scyther, Weedle

Pokemon Quest Cooking Stoves

A good tip to keep in mind is to find out how much of each ingredient to use, not the wording of the description. Each description uses the terms "a whole lot", "a lot", "a few" and "a little" to give clues about ingredient levels in Pokemon Quest. Here's what everyone means:

  • A whole lot = 4 burners
  • A lot of = 3 hotplates
  • A few = 2 burners
  • A little bit = 1 cooking slot

How to get mystical shells in Pokemon quest

If you want to draw Legendary Pokemon to your camp, you need Mystic Shells. Mystic shells are only dropped by defeating legendary Pokémon. You can find them at World 12, where giving you the chance to receive Mystical Shells gives you a small chance when you defeat a legendary Pokémon.

Legendary Recipe of the Pokémon Quest – How to Make Ambrosia of Legends into a Cube

If you're looking for Mewtu, legendary birds, and other rare Pokémon, you'll need to boil some Ambrosia of Legends a la Cube. For that you need Mystica; Shells collected as random drops during the game. Four bowls are enough to make the dish, and you can add any other ingredient in the other slots. Mystical shells are different from Rainbow Matter, which is used to replace other ingredients in recipes. Once cooked, you will draw rare Pokemon to your base camp.

How to get more pots in Pokemon Quest

The more expeditions you go through in Pokemon Quest, the more Pokemon is needed to defeat each Pokemon. Attracting Pokémon at a high level in Pokemon Quest is very similar to other Pokémon. You'll need to upgrade your cooking pot to get the best Pokémon, with a total of three upgrades. You can get new, better cooking pots by buying any of the expedition cosmetics packages that are in the store. Here are all cooking pot upgrades in Pokemon Quest:

  • Standard pot – Slots require 3 of each ingredient.
  • Bronze pot – Slots Require 10 of each ingredient.
  • Silver pot – Slots Require 15 of each ingredient.
  • pot Of gold – Slots require 20 of each ingredient.

Each additional pot upgrade in Pokemon Quest requires more and more ingredients in each slot. This will allow you to put on the best Pokemon in Pokemon Quest.

That's all you need to know about ingredients and recipes in Pokemon Quest. We will add more instructions as we spend more time with the game. So stay tuned for more updates. As you complete more expeditions and your Pokemon gets stronger, you'll want to see how Evolutions works in Pokemon Quest. All evolutionary details can be found in our Pokémon Quest Evolution Guide.

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