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Pokémon UNITE is now available for free on Nintendo Switch

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Nintendo Switch

The Pokémon MOBA has officially launched and is a huge hit with streamers.

Pokémon UNITE is now available for free on Nintendo Switch


Pokémon UNITE is now available for free on Nintendo Switch

After so much waiting, the anticipated Pokémon MOBA for Nintendo Switch and mobile devices it is finally now available on Nintendo’s hybrid console. Is about Pokémon UNITE, a free 5v5 game where players will control a Pokémon and seek to beat the opposing team.

Located in the new Aeos Island, Pokémon UNITE will allow you to choose a Pokémon from among the several already available in the game, each with its own attacks and different combat styles: you can choose between being a fast and aggressive Zeraora, a slow but unstoppable Snorlax or a Pokémon that starts out weak like Gible or Charmander and ends up transforming into a Garchomp or Charizard capable of destroying everything.

Pokémon UNITE is coming to mobile devices in September

As we mentioned, Pokémon UNITE is a free game, and it also has support for crossplay, or at least it will once the mobile version is released, which is still in development and will be released in September. You just have to log into your Nintendo account and download it from the eShop at no cost.

Remember that if you log in before August 31, you will receive a Zeraora as a reward for entering the game in its first stage. This bonus will be available for the remaining platforms during the first month after the mobile launch.

How to play Pokémon UNITE

Your objective in each game will be to introduce more spheres in the enemy team’s rings. The fight will end once you reach the limit in each ring or by time, where the team that managed to introduce the most spheres in the enemy rings will win.

These spheres are obtained by defeating wild Pokémon that are scattered around the map, or by weakening Pokémon of the enemy team. You will also find Pokémon like Rotom or Zapdos that will give you special bonuses for your team if you manage to weaken it.

On the other hand, Pokémon UNITE has a Combat Pass, where you can gain experience and unlock rewards such as new Pokémon or skins called Holowear, which your Pokémon can wear during games.


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