Pokia Lia hid in a sexy cleavage evening for the premiere: she was radiantly at the Christmas show – Hungarian star

On November 25, 2021, the second feature film of Dániel Tiszeker, # Christmas romantic comedy. Thirty professional firefighters and more than sixty actors, including 22 children, participated in its preparation.

In his heart-warming, romantic and humorous comedy, the protagonist Arnold’s romantic girl request for the award-winning firefighter fails. Fortunately, in the first Hungarian Christmas film, any miracle can happen, and in the end, seemingly incompatible couples can find each other.

Pokorny Lia and the stars of Christmas

Arnold (András Ötvös) is in danger of his life, but now he is taking a bigger risk than usual. The fiery firefighter, a role model for all his colleagues, wants to ask for his girlfriend’s (Rujder Vivien) hand before Christmas – not with any garnish. However, the romantic event will turn into a catastrophe: not only will his heart be broken (Tamás Szabó, who plays a film star named Tamás Kimmel Szabó, has a special role in this), but it will even be spatial due to a strange accident.

A firefighter greater than this must not be affected by a firefighter. So far he has saved lives, now he is exiled to a Christmas market for a fire show for a children’s show, where he meets a super-enthusiastic teacher’s aunt, Esther.

At first, she hates the fair and everything annoys her, but the enthusiastic preparation slowly realizes: she doesn’t just have to overcome her spatiality to start a new life. Fortunately, in the first Hungarian Christmas film, any miracle can happen: the firefighter overcomes his fears, and the other strange, seemingly mismatched couples around him also find each other. Where does all this happen if not at a Christmas market?

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At Christmas, András Ötvös, Emőke Zsigmond, Lia Pokorny, Péter Scherer, Tamás Kimmel Szabó, Vivien Rujder, Imre Csuja, Béla Szerednyey, Máté Mészáros, Ákos Orosz and Judit Hernádi provide easy entertainment.

At the premiere of the romantic comedy on Monday night, Pokorny Lia was not only radiantly beautiful, she also attracted attention with her restrainedly sexy cleavage. In our compilation you can see not only the fifty-year-old actress, but also the other stars of Christmas from the premiere.