Pokimane leaves Twitch for another platform, where to find the streaming star?

News culture Pokimane leaves Twitch for another platform, where to find the streaming star?

Published on 03/24/2023 at 18:03

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Less present on Twitch in recent months, the streamer Pokimane is doing everything possible to have a healthy lifestyle. But that doesn’t mean she’s giving up on content creation.

Pokimane wants to “try something new”

Anys Imane is one of the internet stars. It is particularly on Twitch that her notoriety is the most identifiable: she brings together more than 9 million followers on Amazon’s live streaming platform, meaning more than nine million people believe they are interested in the content it offers. A figure that makes her the most followed streamer, although she is not the most watched streamer in 2022. A crown she leaves to Amouranth to focus on the things she really wants to do. It seems that a certain weariness has set in, at least with Twitch, in recent months. Something she explains to the media Polygon :

I think it’s only natural for creators who have been doing something for many years to want to try something new at some point. I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s a trend, but more of a natural career progression. It’s as if some Youtubers or Tiktokers became streamers after years spent on their initial platform.

Something natural that she has mentioned several times in recent months. Mentally weakened, she takes a break in July. Mid-December, Pokimane announces that it is a “number 1 priority” to live new experiences.

Pokimane combines two types of platforms

While she is then focused on her well-being, Pokimane is not completely excluding content creation from her life. On the contrary ! Less Twitch but more TikTok where she focuses her production around the lifestyle, fashion, and well-being. She shows for example her outfit for the Streamer Awards and tells Polygon that it has integrated into its team experts in the matter. A move to the ByteDance application, which she justifies as follows:

Streaming often takes more time and effort, but it allows you to establish a very close connection with your audience. Short content, on the other hand, requires more planning but less filming time and can reach more people, but it’s harder to build a deep connection with your audience because they won’t spend as much time interacting with you.

A mix of platforms that should allow him to surf on success: after 9 years of streaming on Twitch, it is certain that Pokimane has created a community with which she holds a more than deep connection. Two applications that allow it, like Amouranthto gather as many people as possible around her.