POL-PDNR: Traffic accident with seriously injured cyclist

02.07.2022 – 19:09

Police Headquarters Neuwied/Rhein

Linz/ Kasbach-Ohlenberg (ots)

A 60-year-old cyclist rides the “In der Mark” road coming from Linz in the direction of Kasbach-Ohlenberg. At the exit of a right-hand bend, the cyclist is met by a properly driving car. The cyclist misjudges the traffic situation, is startled and brakes hard. As part of this, he is thrown over the vehicle handlebars and falls. The man from Linz was taken to a nearby hospital with serious injuries. He suffered injuries to his head, among other things.

Although there is no legal obligation to wear a bicycle helmet, invest in your safety and always wear a bicycle helmet. The helmet is a very good protection against head injuries and can save lives.

Questions please contact:

Police station Linz am Rhein

Phone: 02644/9430

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