POL-ST: Lengerich, Recke, fraudsters pretend to be bank employees and daughters

06.02.2023 – 10:22

Steinfurt Police Department

Lengerich, Recke (ots)

Fraudsters have been successful with two different scams in Lengerich and Recke. In Lengerich, a 50-year-old was called by an unknown person who pretended to be an employee of the Lengerich bank. He claimed there had been fraudulent debits from the 50-year-old’s account. In the course of the conversation, the victim gave out his PIN. Shortly thereafter, several thousand euros were debited from his account. The damage is in the five-digit range. The man from Lengerich filed a complaint. In Recke, a 74-year-old received a message from an unknown cell phone number via a messenger service. The person posed as a daughter and asked for several referrals. The injured party believed the news and paid a total of four-digit euros. He later realized the fraud and went to the police. The police point out that scammers try to steal money with recurring scams by phone, messenger message or email. They often pose as close relatives, but also as police officers, lawyers, Microsoft or bank employees. The important thing is: never respond to requests for money that are made by phone call or text message. Before you decide to transfer a sum of money, stop: don’t answer or hang up. Question the situation described. Get help from friends and family who contact them themselves, or from the police directly. Stay alert!

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