Poland broke the law by ordering cuts in the Bialowieza Forest


Luxembourg – Poland has violated European legislation on the protection of fauna and flora by ordering cuts in the millennial forest of Bialowieza, said Tuesday the Court of Justice of the EU (CJEU).

European justice considers that the forest management operations ordered by the Polish government have ” leads indeed to the disappearance of part “from this protected site. In July 2017, the European Commission brought an action against Poland because it feared for the integrity of the forest, classified World Heritage by UNESCO and Natura 2000 site by the EU. Bialowieza, thousand-year-old forest, ” irreplaceable for the conservation of biodiversity “According to UNESCO, natural habitats are home to species of animals and birds whose protection is considered a priority. The Polish Government, for its part, maintains that the purpose of the operations is to ensure forest security by combating the proliferation of xylophagous insects and that they therefore correspond to an exception accepted by European legislation. On the one hand, the CJEU accuses Poland of not proceeding, before launching the slaughter appropriate evaluation “impacts on the natural habitats that shelter the forest, is explained in a release. On the other hand, she regrets that ” disputed decisions do not include age-based restrictions on trees or forest stands “as well as the lack of justification, and therefore considers that” the active forest management operations in question can not be justified by the need to stop the spread of the bostryche typographe (a pest: Editor’s note) “. Finally, the Court points out that the contested cuts threaten ” inevitably “breeding sites or resting places for certain animals, such as certain protected saproxylic beetles or several species of birds. In November, in an interlocutory judgment, the European justice had already threatened Warsaw with a penalty of at least 100,000 euros per day if it did not stop ” at once “slaughter. In the aftermath of the judgment, the then Polish Minister of the Environment announced that forest machinery was being removed and that safety cuts “by other means. Poland must comply with the decision of the Court ” as soon as possible If the European Commission considers that this is not the case, it can bring a new appeal to ask for pecuniary sanctions.


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