polar storm in the South between Wednesday 13th and Thursday 14th. MAPS

The week that begins today will be characterized by typically winter weather characteristics in Italy: the minimum temperatures of the night were the lowest for over five months, with single-digit values ​​over much of the North and of the inland areas of the Center. The mercury has dropped to just barely +3°C in Aosta and Belluno, +4°C in Asti, Avezzano and Campobasso, +5°C in L’Aquila, Varese and Alessandria, +6°C in Turin, Bolzano, Pisa, Monza, Cremona and Avellino, +7°C in Milan, Novara, Udine, Bergamo, Trento, Merano, Lodi, Vicenza, Biella, Gubbio, Benevento, Altamura and Matera, +8°C in Verona, Parma, Mantua, Como, Macerata, Viterbo, Frosinone, Frascati and Torre del Greco, +9°C in Naples, Perugia, Modena, Siena, Treviso, Pordenone, Jesi, Latina, Guidonia, Tivoli and Nola.

The bad weather in these hours the Center / South is hitting, with scattered rains and premature snowfalls on the Apennine mountains as if we were already at the beginning of winter. However, it is only a small appetizer compared to what will occur in the next few days, and in particular between Wednesday 13 e Thursday 14, in the middle of the week, when the weather conditions will worsen sharply due to a new worsening of Arctic origin that will cause extreme bad weather in the Center / South and cause temperatures to drop further:

This time we will reach truly winter values, with snowfall up to very low altitudes, even in the hills of the central Apennines where between Abruzzo e Molise the snow will come down to the 1,000 meters of altitude. Even in the South we will have snow on the hills, even in Sicily, starting from 1,500 meters of quota, as usually happens not before December. Attention, in addition to the bitter cold, also to the severe bad weather that will cause violent storms and torrential rains, especially between Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning in Puglia, Basilicata, Calabria and Sicily:

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