Maybe you remember the Strava leak , which emerged earlier this year that the popular app for endurance athletes unimagined for years, inferences on sometimes secret location information from military bases and spy outposts around the world allowed. Now with Polar Flow another popular sports app in the criticism, because she shares inadvertently sensitive location information – by secret agents. The current case is about the wearable app of Finnish navigation and sports watch experts Polar : According to Mashable, this not only records the running and cycling data of athletes, but also shared the location of British intelligence agents of the MI5, MI6 and Gouvernement Communications Headquarter (GCHQ). Journalists from the Dutch news sites De Correspondent and Bellingcat came to this conclusion, having specifically researched whether, in addition to Strava, other fitness apps would reveal the whereabouts of soldiers or secret agents. The documentation of location information by fitness apps therefore carries a certain danger for people who work in secret places: for example in the intelligence service, in embassies, in the military or at air bases, but also in nuclear weapon camps. our recommendation How come such dangerous gaps? But how can it happen that people in secret missions through fitness apps in danger? After all, this level of data sharing by Polar is certainly not intended. The fact is that it was not about a hacker attack in which sensitive data was released, but it is primarily the users themselves who are not careful enough to check their settings in the app. By default, the fitness data are preset to private, which we have checked in the CURVED editors themselves. In order to change the right to share, you do not have to search under the menu item Settings, but click on your own profile and can set the privacy to private, public or follower here. Depending on the selection, other Polar users may then access the personal training data via the Discovery Card – and, in the case of a Dutch Intelligence Officer, also see it jogging frequently near international airports that happen to be near a military base , Polar reacted immediately According to the report of the Dutch reporters, Polar reacted immediately and blocked the sensitive data in the Explorer card. At the same time, the company has denied that there was such a leak in the Polar Flow app. The Dutch newspaper De Correspondent also reports that the relevant interactive map is no longer available. It is uncertain, but unlikely, if the secret agents involved were actually located by third parties via the Polar Flow app and thus in danger. Nevertheless, the disclosure of this case helps to sensitize users. As a wearer of fitness wearables and a fan of fitness apps, we learn: as useful as these are, it’s also important to be aware of privacy and app presets. Sharing his sporting achievements is a great incentive or part of the success of many fitness enthusiasts to get fitter because it motivates them immensely. Therefore, one can make the companies behind the apps no direct charge. However, it would not hurt if the providers point out better in the future, who can see the personal fitness data and which menu item, the setting can be changed at any time. If you are interested, what you may still be wrong in dealing with your fitness tracker , then read on. And for the cracks among you, you Gadget with external applications pimp something else We also have the right guide at hand.


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