Police after incidents during KV-Standard match: “Suppor… (Mechelen)

Liège hotheads took to the field at the start of the second half. Stewards intervened. © BELGA


After incidents during the KV Mechelen-Standard match on Friday evening, a security measure is imposed on supporters of the Rouches. They will no longer be allowed to attend matches from next week. The police have been criticized on social media for not intervening when supporters took to the field.

Sven Van Haezendonck

“The involved supporters will not escape their punishment,” said Dirk Van de Sande, spokesman for the Mechelen police. Already during the first half, supporters of Standard De Liège disrupted the match by igniting Bangladeshi fireworks and throwing dozens of tennis balls onto the field. As a result, the players had to interrupt their game for the first time.

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While the players came out at the start of the second half, supporters of the Rouches walked onto the field. The Liège hotheads went to get a story from their team. One of them was nose to nose with some players. The fact that the police did not intervene then caused criticism. The spokesperson also noted this, but has a statement.

“No one was dealt with in an aggressive manner. The stewards and attendants are primarily responsible for safety and the smooth running of the match. They handled the incident in a good way and removed the supporters from the field. Immediately afterwards, uniformed and plainclothes colleagues identified the supporters involved. We draw up a report against everyone”, explains Chief Inspector Van de Sande.

It was a heated football evening in Standard de Liège's profession.

It was a heated football evening in Standard de Liège’s profession. © BELGA

In consultation with the police, a delegation from the Royal Belgian Football Association (RBFA) decided to suspend the game for ten minutes. It didn’t matter if she wasn’t finished. “In the event of a subsequent violation, the match would be permanently suspended,” says Van de Sande.

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Disgruntled Malinwa supporters think the troublemakers should never have watched the match. In any case, they will no longer be welcome at competitions from next week. “This security measure will be served on the affected supporters on Monday. This is followed by the stadium ban and the fines imposed by the Home Affairs Football Cell.”