Police and Jewish communities cooperate

In the fight against anti-Semitism, Jewish communities and the police in Saxony want to work more closely together. To this end, the chairwoman of the Saxon State Association of Jewish Communities, Nora Goldenbogen, and state police chief Jörg Kubiessa signed an agreement on Thursday in Dresden. A central point of the cooperation is the support for police training and further education, said the state police headquarters.

According to Kubiessa, prejudices should be reduced through a mutual transfer of knowledge. In addition, effective strategies for action against anti-Semitism should be developed, it said. With first-hand knowledge, including about Jewish life in Germany, police officers could recognize anti-Semitic acts more quickly and take more consistent action against them, explained Saxony’s Interior Minister Armin Schuster (CDU).

sensitivity As part of an initial project, the State Association of Jewish Communities is developing suitable formats for student training in the Saxon police force. Joint training courses are also planned. “Anti-Semitism is a growing danger for Jews in our society,” said Goldenbogen. In order to counteract this effectively, knowledge about the different manifestations and the necessary sensitivity are required.

The cooperation with the Jewish communities is a further step in the cooperation with external partners in the field of education and training, said the state police headquarters. Police chaplains have been pastors for police officers for years. epd