Police bought 4 high-performance cars and 25 engines

In the procurement of the ORFK-National Accident Prevention Committee, on October 28, the national police chief handed over 25 service motorcycles and 4 civilian cars to the police headquarters.

The BMW R 1250RT motorcycles are equipped with a Euro 5 environmental engine with a displacement of 1254 cm3 and a 136-horsepower, two-cylinder, boxer engine, and are specially designed and manufactured by the manufacturer specifically for police work. The most notable change compared to previously purchased motorcycles is the revamped instrument panel, the enlarged TFT display with integrated navigation.

In Hungary, the police motorcycle service has a 95-year history. He first entered the service on July 29, 1926 as a police motorcyclist, initially performing surveillance, reconnaissance, courier, and liaison duties.

In the spring of 1960, a decorative motor unit with 24 people was established to ensure and accompany the travels of heads of state and high-ranking personalities visiting Hungary. The tasks were performed on Simson motorcycles.

The police bought 4 high-performance cars and 25 engines 2

Since 2011, police have purchased 178 new, state-of-the-art law enforcement motorcycles.

The “Cheeky (Training)” campaign launched in order to screen motorists who endanger other road users or cause irregularities to their detriment started in the autumn of 2020, but since 2018 the police have been continuously monitoring the movement of civilian vehicles in motion, writes

The police bought 4 high-performance cars and 25 engines 3

Initially, the audit started with the selection of 20 high-performance civilian cars with a mobile distinctive sign. The vehicle fleet was expanded at the end of 2019 with 12 new, also high-performance cars, and then in the spring of 2020 with another 8 vehicles. Now this fleet has been expanded again with 4 Skoda Octavia RS cars. The cars came with a two-liter, turbocharged petrol engine – as well as 245 horsepower and 370 Nm of torque.

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We also quickly looked at how much the top Skoda model is currently costing. The Octavia RS, equipped with a seven-speed automatic transmission, starts from HUF 13.4 million. So we can talk about a total of at least 53.6 million.

The BMW R 1250RT motorcycle costs HUF 6.5 million in the lower voice, of which 25 will cost more than HUF 162 million.