Elisabeth Eyckhoff is unbureaucratic, spontaneous and always the last at parties. Collegiality is more important to her than a solo career. After a few beers, she likes to pick up the microphone to sing her favorite songs, which she does surprisingly well. And if she has time, she prefers to play cards with the gatekeeper. The first shooting with the unconventional new is planned this year. The screenplay for the first case is written by Günter Schütter.

"I'm really looking forward to the new task and to inventing this new role together with fantastic directors and writers, and I'm curious to see which stories await me and my new alter ego Elisabeth Eyckhoff in the coming years and I'm looking forward to it Thanks to the editors and Cornelia Ackers team for their confidence. "

Verena Altenberger

"Verena Altenberger is an incredibly talented young actress – for her performance in the drama, The Best of All Worlds' she received many awards, such as the Bavarian Film Award for best young actress, the Austrian Film Award for Best Female Lead or the German Director Award Metropolis for Best Actress I am delighted to welcome this young and extremely powerful actress to the BR and wish us all unforgettable and exciting events with her! "

Bettina Ricklefs, BR Program Area Manager Game Film Series

"For the role of the new Commissioner, I was looking specifically for an actress who has an acting range between comedic and tragic facets." In Verena Altenberger, we found this protagonist, me as a prepared geriatric nurse, Magda 'in a comedy series and as a drug addicted mother After Edgar Selge, Jörg Hube and Matthias Brandt, I enter new territory with this artistic direction and am very curious and curious about how the format will evolve with Verena Altenberger. "

Cornelia Ackers, responsible BR-editor for police 110

Vita Verena Altenberger

Growing up in Salzburg, Verena Altenberger went to Vienna at the age of 18 to study drama, journalism and communication sciences. She was part of the Junge Burg Ensemble at the Burgtheater and played at the Volkstheater Wien. In the cinema she drew attention in the thriller "The Hell" by Oscar winner Stefan Ruzowitzky. At the 67th Berlin International Film Festival she celebrated her world premiere in the leading role of the drama "The Best of All Worlds" by Adrian Goiginger. Verena Altenberger received numerous prestigious national and international awards for her outstanding performance. She became known to a broader public through her portrayal of the Polish caregiver Magda in the sitcom "Magda macht das schon" (German Television Award 2018 for Best Comedy Series). Turned off she has u.a. the remake of the Fritz Lang classic "M – A City Seeks a Murderer" by David Schalko and the historical drama "A village defends itself – The Secret of the Altaussee" (Director: Gabriela Zerhau). Verena Altenberger speaks English, French, Italian, Spanish, Yiddish and is currently learning Turkish.


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