Police car burned: Antonin Bernanos arrested "Brutally"

After the arrest of Antonin Bernanos, his lawyer denounces a show of force on the part of the police. The activist was arrested on Tuesday morning 4 in an apartment in the 14th arrondissement of Paris.

He was sentenced to five years in prison including two suspended for participating in the attack of a police vehicle in May 2016. “With remissions, he could have gone out right away.” Instead of waiting to see what was possible, the prosecution demanded the execution of the sentence immediately, with a rare speed ” said his lawyer, Arié Alimi.

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Yet according to him, whose words were quoted by The Express , “they came at fifteen to ship it, they smashed the door of her mother, so she was proposing to open” . The 23-year-old student still had 26 months of incarceration to perform.

His arrest by the Judicial Enforcement Brigade (BEDJ) of the Judicial Police was tried “extremely brutal” by his relatives. They did not understand the cause of such a police mobilization nor why the members of the police forces had to break the door of the Parisian home where it was.

The group Libres-les also reacted to this arrest muscled in a statement. “As a result of the deliberations, since he had not been the subject of a warrant of deposit, Antonin Bernanos could normally have been summoned by the execution judge of the sentence, in order to agree on a date of under cover and to be able to envisage to negotiate a development of sentence … (…) this violent decision, unexpected, deliberately sabotage its resumption of study, an immediate incarceration puts in danger its projects of university insertion. ) This decision once again proves a judicial persecution of the public prosecutor against an anti-fascist militant, it aims to confirm the repressive measures and the revenge of the State following the movement labor law ” , was it written in collaboration with the family of the young man, who joined the prison of Fleury-Mérogis.

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