Police charged the young man with the murder of a teacher in Prague. He faces up to twenty years in prison – ČT24 – Czech Television

“The accusation was communicated to the individual by the police authority in accordance with the provisions of the qualified factual substance of the murder crime, because the committed offense corresponds, as it follows from the previous preparatory proceedings, intentionally and deliberately,” said Cimbala.

The spokesman added that the court imposed a custody on the young man on Saturday. “As a reason for detention, the court found the reasons for detention to be escaping and preliminary, ie the danger that the accused would flee would hide in order to avoid criminal prosecution. Respectively, the court took into account the fact that the accused faces a heavy sentence or the risk that the accused could repeatedly commit the crime for which he is being prosecuted, “he said. The server brought information about the mission into custody earlier on Saturday with reference to the public prosecutor Jana Murínová.

“The case will now continue with the pre-trial phase called an investigation,” the spokesman added, adding that the prosecutor’s office would not provide further information at this time.

According to investigators, the perpetrator attacked the teacher with a machete on Thursday before noon on the fourth floor of the school building in his office. Despite the efforts of the called-in rescuers, the pedagogue succumbed to injuries on the spot. The attacker escaped from the scene. A young man suspected by the police of the attack was subsequently arrested by criminal investigators in Dolní Břežany in the district of Prague-West. According to the investigators, the presumed motive for the act was a dispute between him and the teacher.

The headmaster of the school, Karel Dvořák, wrote on the school website that there were never any problems with the pupil and that there were no safety regulations violated by the school.

On Saturday, the chairman of the Pedagogical Chamber, Radek Sárközi, pointed out that director Dvořák had received a medal from the Minister of Education, Robert Plaga (for YES), for his long-term outstanding pedagogical activities. In its latest report from April 2020, the Czech School Inspectorate identified as weaknesses of the vocational school, among other things, unsystematic and inconsistent management of the educational counselor and school prevention methodology in relation to pupils at risk of school failure and the absence of a school failure prevention strategy.