Police chief: ‘If you are going to party now, you really will not understand it at all’

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A lot of “corona parties” this weekend in Brabant. Fines were issued in various places. Like in Breda where a big party was held. Police chief Hanneke Ekelmans of the Zeeland West Brabant police unit does not have a good word for it. “Then you really didn’t understand it at all.”

While a party was going on in the Curacaostraat in Breda, a corona patient was picked up by the ambulance a street away. “Literally one is ahead. Then I really do not understand what people get into their head “, Ekelmans says on Sunday in TV program KRAAK at Omroep Brabant.

Big fines
Between one hundred and two hundred reports came in from people who would not care about the corona measures. Yet that soup is not eaten that hot, Ekelmans says. Fortunately, many reports turn out to be nothing. Then fifty people stand in line to get an ice cream somewhere, all neatly at a distance. You can just do that. ”

Substantial fines can be imposed for those who are in violation and who do not keep enough distance from each other. And that is also possible without continuing to warn endlessly, Ekelmans says. “We have now had those crossers in Lage Zwaluwe, they have received extensive attention everywhere. If something like this happens again, you no longer have to warn first. ” Because, she reminds us, these measures are for everyone’s safety. “You don’t do this for yourself, you endanger others.”

With so many people staying at home, it also means a shift in police work. There has been a slight increase in the number of reports of domestic violence. “People are close together, the wicks are getting shorter.” However, the increase is not as great as previously thought.

Cybercrime is a significant increase. “The mess with emails that you should not click on. Domain names with corona in them that you shouldn’t go to. I really hope people don’t click on that. There you see great activity, much bigger than usual. ”

Partygoers in Breda were not aware of any harm

Police ends party in Breda: “Unbelievable that this still happens in this corona time!”

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