Police dog rides a sled – and inspires the network

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Created: 02/03/2023, 11:00 a.m


Everyday life as a police dog can be quite exhausting at times – Labrador Gadget was now able to relax with a sled ride. A video of it delighted the web.

Perhaps one or the other may still remember the animated series “Inspector Gadget”, which was produced from the mid-1980s. In it, a rather clumsy police officer goes on a criminal hunt with the help of all sorts of technical gimmicks (“gadgets”). As clumsy as the crook hunter acts, he is also lovable. It is not known whether the Newmarket police station in the US state of New Hamphire actually had this series in mind when they christened their police dog “Gadget”. After all, labradors are considered to be pretty smart – but “Gadget” is at least as likeable as the clumsy cartoon inspector. And in the small town of Newmarket, he’s already a minor local celebrity – as often as the black Lab has appeared on the local police force’s Facebook page. He is currently delighting his fans with a sleigh ride.

Policeman and his Labrador ride a sled – “Psst, don’t tell the boss”

Being a police officer isn’t always easy – and neither is being a police dog, of course. However, it is difficult to imagine that a cute contemporary like Gadget would not be met with any sympathy at the sight of him. In any case, the Labrador was able to treat himself to a little time out – in the snow, especially when sledding. “Pssst don’t tell the boss,” captioned the video posted to Facebook by the Newmarket Police Department.

Policeman and his Labrador go sledding – “dog smack” for the “colleague”

In the short clip, a police officer in a green bob sits with Gadget on his lap. When approaching, the four-legged friend falls backwards for a moment, but his human comrade holds him securely on the sled. Then it’s downhill and at the end of the journey Gadget gives his passenger a little “dog smack” – whether it’s out of joy about the “ride” or rather the end of the journey is anyone’s guess.

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Policeman and his Labrador ride a sled -“I love that!”

The gadget clip has already received hundreds of positive reactions – and the comments also show that the cute dog already has a larger fan base:

  • “I love that!”
  • “Looks like they both had some well-deserved fun!”
  • “Wow! That’s great!”
  • “Who knows when Gadget might have to sled to comfort a victim!”
  • “You just have to love Gadget.”