Police Escort Moge Entourage on Riau Toll Road, Traffic Director Gives Explanation


The Director of Traffic at the Riau Police, Kombes Firman, spoke about his subordinates escorting a large motorcycle group (MOGE) via the Pekanbaru-Bangkinang toll road. Firman judged that there was nothing wrong with that.

“Yesterday there was a Sumatra Bike Week 2022 event, this is a national event. It’s not just a provincial event, motorcycle lovers are invited to come there,” said Firman as reported by detikSumut, Sunday (3/7/2022).

Regarding the invitation, the Riau Police coordinated with Hutama Karya as the contractor on the Trans Sumatra toll road. It turned out that the group had permission.



“Never mind motorcycles, people riding, the community is also allowed to play there. Anyone can pass before it’s inaugurated (can pass),” said Firman.

Firman gave an example of the Pekanbaru-Dumai toll road which was also passed by the public before it was inaugurated. But specifically for MOGE, there is indeed a request to be escorted.

“The Pekanbaru-Dumai toll road used to be like that before it was inaugurated. Therefore yesterday we were given escort services, by law we can control anyone. Whether it’s sick people or all of us, we must provide services. We are not selective. Police are all the same, service for sick people, help anyone. Including the motorcycle yesterday,” said Firman.

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