Police: explosions in Texas are related to each other

Police: explosions in Texas are related to each other

Chief of Police Austin (US, Texas) said that local law enforcement officers are searching for the responsible for the organization of three explosions, which killed two people and two others were injured. “We believe that these incidents are connected,” he stressed.

As it turned out during the investigation, in all three cases parcels were left at apartment houses, which exploded after they were opened or raised. At the same time, parcels were not delivered by mail or any courier service, TASS .

As reported, the first such incident occurred on March 2, when a man died, the second – early in the morning on Monday, March 12, a teenager was killed and a woman was injured. A few hours after the second explosion, a third , as a result of which a 75-year-old pensioner was injured.

As explained by the chief of the local police, all the explosive devices had a rather high power, and in order to assemble them, certain skills were required. He recommended that residents do not open suspicious parcels, especially if they were received from strangers.

Until now, the motives of the perpetrator, who produced deadly premises, are unknown. It is possible that it may be a crime motivated by racial hatred – the victims were African American, and one of the victims was of Hispanic origin. There are no other connections between the victims.

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