Police Holds Reposition of Murder Cases and Weapons Seizure in Napua

By: Vina Rumbewas I, WAMENA–The Papuan Police Team together with the Jayawijaya Police Criminal Investigation Unit held a repositioning of the murder and seizure of firearms that killed a Brimob member on behalf of Bripda Fernando Diego Rumaropen in Napua District, Jayawijaya Regency, Papua, Saturday, June 18 2022.

“In the context of today’s investigation efforts, the role of each witness was repositioned, so today the repositioning was carried out from the beginning to the location of the TKP,” said Jayawijaya Police Chief, AKBP Muhammad Safei in Wamena, Wednesday (22/6/2022).

The police chief continued, Danki R, who is the commander of the deceased who is considered to be the cause of the incident, will be taken to the Papua Regional Police, Jayapura, for further investigation.

“Because the person concerned (Danki R) is a member, so he will be brought to the Regional Police, for further examination,” he said.

Meanwhile, the other five witnesses will undergo examination at the Jayawijaya Police.

“So the Jayawijaya Police, only we are backed up by the Papua Police team. The point is that all events that occur here are processed by the Jayawijaya Police,” he concluded. **