Police news for Offenbach, June 22, 2022: tire thieves first pushed a car away… ; Construction site thieves on the go

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Tire thieves first pushed a car away… ; Construction site thieves on the go

Offenbach (ots) –

Please note the attached press release from the Federal Police Directorate at Frankfurt Airport:

Joint PM of the PP Southeast Hesse and the Federal Police Directorate Airport Frankfurt am Main

Illegal stay – Colombians deported 24 hours after traffic stop

A 33-year-old Colombian without a residence permit was deported to Colombia from Frankfurt Airport last Saturday, just 24 hours after his arrest during a traffic check in Offenbach.

During a routine traffic check on the BAB 3, the unauthorized man from Colombia was found without papers and taken into custody by the Offenbach police. A person later brought the man’s Colombian passport to the police station. It became apparent that the person concerned last entered Spain on August 25, 2021 and had not left the Schengen area since then.

Further investigations revealed that the Colombian was arrested by the federal police at Frankfurt Airport on February 6, 2020 when he tried to enter Germany without permission.

Thanks to quick and effective action in cooperation with the competent regional council in Darmstadt, the man was able to be returned to Colombia on a flight at around 3:40 p.m. on the same weekend with good cooperation between the authorities involved.

Offenbach area

  1. Tire thieves first pushed a car away… – Offenbach

(aa) Passers-by may have seen people pushing away a blue VW Passat on Tuesday night on Waldstrasse (near house numbers 218-220). background is on theft on the premises of the local car dealership. In order to get through the gate of the side entrance, the perpetrators had to move the vehicle parked in front of it. To do this, the thieves smashed a side window and released the handbrake on the VW. On the site, they then removed the complete wheels from six vehicles and also removed the ceramic brake system from one car. The thieves made off with the loot of several tens of thousands of euros. Before that, they had pushed the blue Passat back again. According to the clerk at the Kripo, this pushing back and forth could have been noticed by passers-by. Witnesses who made observations between 8 p.m. and 7 a.m. should contact the criminal police on 069 8098-1234.

  1. Construction site thieves on the move – Langen
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(jm) Unknown persons broke into a building shell in the street “Am Schleifweg” at the weekend. Between Friday (4 p.m.) and Monday (7.15 a.m.), the perpetrators probably got into the basement via the freely accessible underground car park. There they pried open the door to a storage room and took away heating control boxes worth several thousand euros. The thieves also tried to open two other doors. Witnesses who have observed suspicious people or vehicles are asked to call the Langen police station on 06103 9030-0.

Main-Kinzig district

No further contribution.

Offenbach, June 22, 2022, press office, Thomas Leipold

This report was sent on June 22, 2022, 06:13 a.m. by the police headquarters in Southeast Hesse.

Criminal statistics on home burglary in the district of Frankfurt am Main

According to police crime statistics (PKS) from the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA), in the district of Frankfurt am Main in the year 2020 all in all 1041 crimes recorded in connection with home burglary, with 47.2% of the cases being attempted crimes. the clearance rate was included in 2020 10%. Among the 101 suspects were 14 women and 87 men. 60.4% of the persons are suspects of non-German origin.

Alternumber of suspects
under 2110
21 bis 254
25 bis 3015
30 bis 4042
40 bis 5017
50 bis 6011
over 602

For the year 2019, the police crime statistics of the BKA announced 1072 cases of burglary in the district of Frankfurt am Main, the clear-up rate here was 11.1%.

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Criminal statistics on offenses against the Residence Act in the district of Frankfurt am Main

In the district of Frankfurt am Main 2020 by the police crime statistics (PKS) of the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) 17140 criminal offenses against the Residence Act, the Asylum Procedure Act or the Freedom of Movement Act/EU established. the clearance rate was included 99,8%. among the a total of 16,338 suspects were 9571 men and 6767 women.

Alternumber of suspects
under 211990
21 bis 251853
25 bis 302666
30 bis 404115
40 bis 502333
50 bis 601573
over 601808

In the year 2019 records the police crime statistics of the BKA in the district of Frankfurt am Main as a whole 17750 Violations of the Residence Actdie clearance rate was included 99,9%.

Criminal statistics on unauthorized entry and unauthorized stay in the district of Frankfurt am Main

The police crime statistics (PKS) of the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) recorded a total of 2020 in the district of Frankfurt am Main 15792 offenses in the category illegal entry and permitted stay. In 11.4% of the cases, the attempted crime remained. the clearance rate fraud 99,9%. Among the total 15020 suspects were 6256 women and 8764 men.

Alternumber of suspects
under 211802
21 bis 251756
25 bis 302466
30 bis 403698
40 bis 502093
50 bis 601468
over 601737

For 2019, the police crime statistics of the BKA reported 16,446 cases of unauthorized entry and unauthorized stay in the district of Frankfurt am Main, the clear-up rate here was 99.9%.

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Accident statistics and casualties in road traffic over the last 3 years

In the state Hesse there was a year 2020 of a total of 17,407 road accidents involving personal injury 205 fatalities and 22,352 injured. There has been a slight downward trend in the traffic accidents recorded by the police throughout Germany in recent years. In 2020, a total of 2,245,245 accidents occurred in road traffic 2,685,661 cases in 2019 and 2,636,468 cases in 2018. This trend can also be observed in the number of accidents involving personal injury. In 2020, there were 264,499 accidents in which people were injured, and a total of 3,046 people were killed. In 2018, 3,275 fatalities were recorded out of 308,721 accidents involving personal injury.

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