Police officer killed. A dramatic accident occurred on Wednesday evening, not far from Toulouse on the former air base of Francazal. While he was participating in an exercise involving a twenty officials from several Brigades of research and intervention (BRI) of France, a police officer was fatally shot by the shooting of a colleague in nice in training. A survey of fragrance for involuntary manslaughter was opened by the prosecutor of Toulouse to determine the circumstances of this accident.

Scandal Weinstein. The scandal caused by the accusations of sexual assault against the producer of american cinema Harvey Weinstein, reached even the Côte d’azur. The people who worked during his visits in the region testify to their tower. Used of the palaces of the Côte d’azur, the american producer has left memories of his visits to the personnel.

Negresco. Fifteen days after a first hearing, which had turned short, the tribunal of commerce is once again seized of the matter “Negresco” this Friday… Just as it seems all of the parties who complained of not having been regularly convened in the initial query of the floor.

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