Police officers beaten up in Mallorca: are the real perpetrators in the dock in Würzburg?

Am district court in Würzburg the appeal process against two students who died in August 2019 at Playa de Palma in Mallorca will continue on Monday (October 17th). allegedly beat up two federal police officers.

In 2021, the two young men were closed in the first instance two years in prison without parole To be sentenced. The two officers are said to have been provoked, insulted and attacked with punches in the face. One policeman wore a simple one, among other things broken jaw of it, the other a double.

Doubts whether the accused are the perpetrators

But as the newspaper “Die Kitzinger” reports, there are had doubts about it for a long timethat the two accused are actually the perpetrators. It cannot be ruled out that it is a matter of confusion.

Because the arrest happened by chance: After the attack, the two suspects were initially able to flee. The following day, both the victims and the alleged perpetrators flew back to Germany. On board one of the injured federal police officers recognized one of the attackers.

The official alerted his colleagues at Frankfurt Airport, who then recorded the personal details of the students. In the meantime, the cell phones of the two police officers have been evaluated, a court spokesman told Die Kitzinger. We want to clarify whether there is a mix-up.

protested innocence

Already had at the first trial the two accused protested their innocence. At the time of the crime they would have been asleep for a long time. One already wants the entertainment venue “Bierkönig”. left at 10 p.m., the other around 2:30 a.m., as the “Main Post” reported at the time.

The presiding judge did not believe this version. The two students, members of a recreational soccer team, would have their want to “live out” the brutal potential for aggression on unsuspecting and defenseless victims, he explained at the time.