Police officers involved in the death of Javier Ordóñez are disqualified for 20 years

The Attorney General’s Office dismissed and disqualified this Tuesday for 20 years to the Police patrolmen, Harby Rodríguez and Juan Camilo Lloreda, for the episode of police brutality that concluded with the murder of citizen Javier Ordóñez, in events perpetrated on September 9 in the capital of the country.

The first instance ruling, which was appealed by the police officers, imposes the maximum penalty contemplated by the disciplinary control body for public officials.

The patrol cars were found responsible for two very serious offenses for having committed the crimes of abuse of authority by arbitrary and unjust act and homicide.

During the reading of the sentence, the Public Ministry warned that the uniformed men invented a “fight” of the victim to justify the beating he received at the CAI of Villaluz.

The representative attorney for the Public Force and Judicial Police, Aura Fajardo, assured that The Attorney General’s Office found that there was no fight in which Ordóñez had participated between the night of September 8 and the early morning of September 9.

However, the prosecutor pointed out, a false police report was made in which there was talk of an alleged attack by Ordóñez on a woman, which would have sparked the alleged fight.

The official added that the security cameras in the sector where the victim was detained, located in the Villaluz neighborhood, in the town of Engativá, never record the apparent fight.

“This report rendered by Harby Damián Rodríguez Díaz has false content. In the recordings it is seen that when they arrived where the civilians were there was no such multiple fight. The patrols did not have to try to separate anyone, Javier Ordóñez was not hurt by anyone, “Fajardo read.

On the other hand, he adds, the videos of the place do account for the submission with excessive force that Ordóñez is a victim on public roads, with the exaggerated use in addition to the discharges of ‘taser’ pistols against the deceased.



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