Police recover stolen bicycles and search for the owners in Bogotá

Police recover stolen bicycles and are now looking for the owners in Bogotá. The institution has carried out operations in the city to recover bicycles.

In these operations they have recovered several bicycles so he is now looking for the owners.

Owners of stolen bicycles

During the registration and control plans carried out by the Bogotá Police, they recovered several stolen bicycles. For this reason, the institution had a cell phone number for victims of theft to contact to see if one is theirs.

General Eliécer Camacho, commander of the Bogotá Metropolitan Police, wrote through his Twitter account: “In registration and control plans, the following bicycles were recovered. If you are an owner, you can call 350 215 0306”.

For his part, Captain Miguel Ángel Valencia, commander of the Bogotá Police cycle routes group, said that this call is made because the bicycles are not registered.

These bicycles are not registered, so they do not have owners; they are looking to make the delivery”Said Valencia.

Therefore, the Bogotá Security Secretariat reiterated the importance of registering bicycles. The registration process is carried out through the website!/

Enter here.

«The Bogotá Bike Registry allows associating the personal data of citizens with those of their bicycle. This instrument makes it easier for cyclists to prove the ownership of their vehicle in the event of a possible theft and for the Police to quickly return the recovered bicycles.«, Indicates the portal.

In addition, the process and the marking of the bicycle is free.

Police recover stolen bicycles and are now looking for the owners in Bogotá



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