Policeman arrested in Brazil with firearms released

A Brazilian judge determined the release and return of the weapons and police equipment carried by Bolivian Police Second Lieutenant Alexander Velásquez, who was arrested on Wednesday for transporting these objects “irregularly” through that country, reported the commander of the Bolivian Police. Pando Police, Colonel Julio Monrroy.

Velásquez was arrested in a routine search in the state of Acre because he was carrying several weapons and ballistic vests. The uniformed officer had entered the neighboring country in order to travel an alternate route towards Cobija, due to the fact that a bridge on the national road was in poor condition.

The second lieutenant was assigned to the Vehicle Theft Prevention Directorate (Diprove), in the Bolivian town of Mapajo, on the border with Brazil. He himself received the order, from the departmental command, to take the weapons and police equipment to Cobija for the respective maintenance.

However, he was arrested upon entering Brazil. According to Monroy, he did not explain the reason why he was carrying a Spanish 9mm Star machine gun and bulletproof vests, in addition to spray gas.

“With the corresponding discharges and the explanation, the precautionary judge has released the second lieutenant, who is already here in the Pando Departmental Command facilities,” said the police chief.

The weapons were returned after certifying with documents corresponding to the Bolivian Police.

Monroy pointed out that previously the second lieutenant had already made the journey with the weapons, with authorization in Brazil, but his mistake on this occasion was not notifying the transfer of the police team assuming that he had his previous permission.

On Wednesday, a Brazilian news portal, Correo 68, reported the arrest of the police officer, indicating that he had been captured in an operation, which was denied by Monroy. Likewise, it was denied that the officer was suspected of selling weapons.