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Polish epic Andrzej Sapkowski becomes Netflix tank

The crossings between literature, cinema and videogames do not start here. There are many antecedents, so many that the specialists in audiovisual language envision a future in which the films will be merged to such an extent with videogames, that soon we will have the experience of going to the cinema to be interactive spectators with the screen; good at "Ready player one"

Hollywood was the one that took the first steps in the association between video games and plots for movies. There are several examples of films that come from this first source. And for the most part they have been successful, well made, attractive and surprising.

Since "Final Fantasy", the first film that in 2001 tested with the technology of animation of human bodies, with a level of precision that untangled the jaw of more than one spectator, hflagpole "Warcraft: the encounter of the worlds" directed by the son of David Bowie, Duncan Jones.

Everything is in this vineyard of creations: "Resident evil"; "The Prince of Persia", a great film that had Jake Gyllenhaal as the protagonist; "Tomb Raider", who interpreted two megastars as Angelina Jolie and Alicia Vikander; "Tron: Legacy" (2010), an interesting point to this list; "Assassin's Creeds", that did not leave the fans or the critics so happy; and we could continue, because the relationship between cinema and PC software is almost 20 years old; or a little more.

The interesting thing is that since the times of the Gulf War (1991) in which the audiovisual narration took a phenomenal turn with the possibility of "telling live and direct a war on television", the language changes have been happening at speeds supersonic and many lines of development have come together to interconnect in the audiovisual field. The cinema has not been, of course, oblivious to this paradigmatic leap.

Crosses between consoles, screens and screens

As we said, in the mid-90s, on the one hand it began to notice the desperate search of the studios to find stories and good scripts: at this time it seemed that Hollywood had already tried everything in terms of narratives.

It was there that two elements appeared to help him. Not only to allow "The dream factory" (a phrase that refers to the essay written by Ilia Ehrenburg in 1931) that is cinema will not stop (let's leave aside the phenomenon of spin-offs, remakes), but to captivate new audiences that they did not feel nostalgia for the great films, nor the founding directors, because they were linked to technology and looked for in the cinema frenetic action, great effects, and affiliation with their favorite characters.

Where were those characters that could loyalty audiences ?: in video games.

On the other hand, you had to tell stories. And Peter Jackson arrived with his monumental project to transpose the literary work of J.R.Tolkien onto the screen. "The Lord of the Rings" was an event that collaborated a lot in that love of the millenialls with the fantastic epic.

Thus, literature, which is one of the roots together with the theater of film narration, was the provider of powerful plots for the crossings between videogames and films. Let's name here, of course, Harry Potter and its author J.K. Rowling – a phenomenon after Tolkien – that linked book, film and videogame.

'Sorry Potter': Geralt de Rivia arrived, the most beloved

Following the desires of the market, another point to consider comes up: consumers are no longer on TV but are watching by streaming.

And the virtual platforms, so well linked with the dynamics of videogames, found the way to add another mouth of consumption to their productions: the series based on epic novels.

Yes: the point of departure, in these crossings of supports, was "Game of Thrones" by George R.R. Martin. Now it's the turn of an immense Polish author who falls for Tolkien, Rowling and Martin: Andrzej Sapkowski.

The fans of Harry Potter and his mother Rowling belong to a previous generation. The teenagers of today are fascinated with another character, a wizard also, and dedicated to hunting monsters that ravage the villages.

Geralt de Rivia is now the most beloved star (See "The Witcher, more than playing") and the protagonist of the literary saga of the Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski (in our section Culture of the Andes we have been recommending each one of these seven captivating books that are published in Argentina by Artifex) that has become the new author to consider in the high mainstream

Published since the mid-1980s, Sapkowski's books are based on a universe that takes place on a continent invented by him with a map and all, during the first great war between the Empire of Nilfgaard and the Northern Kingdoms.

The whole literary saga is influenced by the Slavic culture and mythology and the traditional narrations of his country.

Geralt is a sorcerer who, by genetic modifications, has the ability to hunt horrible creatures that terrify the populations of that fantastic continent.

Thus, with this powerful character in hand and the overwhelming success that the game has meant, Netflix is ​​preparing the series that has to compete with desire to the already agonizing "Game of Thrones", which launched HBO seven years ago and will debut its eighth and last season in 2019.

Also other big opponents of HBO are looking for the substitutes to "Game of thrones". In fact, the BBC is involved in the adaptation of the saga "Discworld", written by Terry Pratchett; while Amazon Studios returns to reoffear with "The Lord of the rings".

In this context, Netflix adds this new product to its long list of epic series such as "Vikings", which started and produced History; "The last kingdom", which premiered the second season on the platform two weeks ago and is also based on a series of historical books written by Bernard Cornwell (edited by Edhasa in our country); "Outlander", fruit of the novel by Diana Gabaldon that edited Salamandra; more But here we talk about partnerships between consoles, computers, screens and literature.

How handsome you are, witch

The latest news about this new production that Netflix brings to its catalog as a cross between literature, videogame and audiovisual production is that it will be called, like videogame: "The Witcher". And there is already an actor appointed for the suit of the lethal and human Geralt de Rivia: Henry Cavill ("Superman", "The agents of C.I.P.O.L").

According to the directors of Netflix, the series is "an epic story that unites fate and family. Geralt de Rivia, a lone monster hunter, struggles to find his place in a world where people can be more ruthless than beasts. But when fate takes him to a powerful sorceress and a young princess with a dangerous secret, together they must learn to navigate a volatile continent. "

They are discounting that "The witcher" will have several seasons and for that reason, in the first, the eight episodes will make foot in an encompassing adventure and other smaller plots.

The creator of this television production is Lauren Schmidt Hissrich ("Daredevil" and "The Defenders", also on Netflix). The address is by Alik Sakharov ("House of Cards", "Game of Thrones"), Alex Garcia Lopez ("Utopia", "Daredevil", "Fear The Walking Dead") and Charlotte Brändström ("Outlander"). Of course, by the names of those who are in charge of the series, the bias that this audiovisual narration will have.

Filming is planned in locations in Eastern Europe and comes to repair the bitter taste left by a film, "The Hexer" (2001) and the series that followed in 2002, directed by Marek Brodzki with the adaptation of Michal Szczerbic. Neither the fans, nor the critics nor Sapkowski himself were happy with this result. We will see what happens with the super production that Netflix is ​​preparing for 2020.

"The witcher", more than playing

Magistral is the name that fits the role-playing video game (in two chapters) with which the Polish saga became massive. It was developed by CD Projekt Red Studio.

"The mimesis with the characters and the immersion in that world are so well done that they generate the sensation of a living world, which is transited. It does not feel like a computer program – says Lian Deputat, one of the young people from Mendoza who is training to build scripts, characters, soundtracks and videogame programming in the province; and continues-. One cries, laughs, gets excited with the characters: feels a connection with them. But, in addition, visually 'The witcher' is beautiful. His scenarios are like paintings inside that fantastic medieval nature ".

The scripts of "The Witcher" have found a way to transmit to the gamer the literary atmospheres created by Sapkowski and the power of his characters.


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