Polish yachts and Tri-City sailors among the winners of the Rolex Middle Sea Race

“I Love Poland” won the Rolex Middle Sea Race among monohull yachts.

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“I Love Poland” under the command of Grzegorz Baranowski won, and “E1” from Yacht Club Sopot with skipper Zbigniew Gutkowski was second in the classification of monohull yachts in the prestigious Rolex Middle Sea Race. Sailing on the nearly 700-mile route lasted four days, and the boats were only minutes away at the finish line. It is as if a photocell emerges during the sprint race of the winner.

It was a show of Polish Volvo Open 70 yachts during the 41st edition of the Rolex Middle Sea Race. In the waters of the Mediterranean Sea, they dominated the competition of monohulls in terms of time to complete the route. After a four-day competition, they had an exciting finish. If it were a sprint run, the photocell would decide, because it is so vividly showing how small the differences at the finish line were between the yachts.

The event has been held since 1968. The start and finish were located in Malta. There were 693 nautical miles to travel. More than 50 yachts sailed around Sicily passing through the Strait of Messina, the island of Stromboli to the north of Sicily and Favignana to the west, and on the way back they passed Pantelleria and Lampedusa and crossed the strait between Malta and Comino.

The “E1” was second in the Rolex Middle Sea Race among monohull yachts.

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For most of the competition among monohulls, he led “I Love Poland” under the command Grzegorz Baranowskiwhich had several sailors from the Tri-City on board. However, in the last hours of the race, “E1” took the lead. It was a surprise. A vessel in the colors of the Yacht Club Sopot with a skipper Zbigniew Gutkowski it is eight years older than “I Love Poland”, and in sailing it often means significant technological differences.

– The crew consisted of 19 people, mainly amateurs and sailing enthusiasts (PRO-AM formula), and yet we were able to achieve such an excellent result, mainly thanks to the tactical decision of Zbigniew Gutkowski. The first two places of Polish crews in one of the most important regattas in the world is a huge success, and the position of the crew of Yacht Club Sopot is a huge surprise, widely commented on in the sailing community – emphasizes Rafał Sawickiwho was sailing in the crew of “E1”.
The first one to cross the finish line was “I Love Poland”, whose final result was: 3 days, 23 hours, 58 minutes and 5 seconds. E1 finished 2nd after 4 days, 1 minute and 24 seconds of sailing. The difference between the yachts was therefore exactly 3 minutes and 19 seconds.

Poles also competed in this regatta on the trimaran “Ultim’Emotion 2”, on which sailed, among others, Jacek Siwek. They took 3rd place in the group of multihulls. Their duration is: 3 days, 46 minutes and 13 seconds.



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