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Ukrainian journalist accused German Chancellor Angela Merkel of "betraying" because of a smile to the Russian leader Vladimir Putin. On Sputnik radio, political analyst Nikolai Shlyamin expressed an opinion about these “attacks”, reminding in whose interests the chancellor usually acts.

Ukrainian journalist Dmitry Gordon accused German Chancellor Angela Merkel of “betraying Ukraine” because of a handshake with Russian President Vladimir Putin and smiles at him.

The TV anchor did not like the fact that the leaders of European states, including French President Emmanuel Macron, communicate with their Russian counterpart. The traditional greeting of politicians Gordon and at all found it indecent.

French President Emmanuel Macron, Russian President Vladimir Putin, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan after the summit on Syria. October 27, 2018
"Join hands, friends!" But not with Russia, they say in Germany

“I have a question for Frau Merkel and Mr. Macron – when they stand with Putin together, when they fly to him in Sochi or St. Petersburg, when they take him at home – how does this fit in with human principles?” the TV channel "112 Ukraine".

Gordon said that he was having unpleasant feelings, seeing as "Frau Merkel is holding Putin by the hand." The TV host also found the smile to the Russian president unacceptable, since such actions allegedly "betray Ukraine".

Similar "claims" to Merkel had previously been expressed by the German Bild journalist Julian Röpke, who wondered if the Chancellor had the right to be "so friendly" about Putin.

Nikolay Shlyamin, a political scientist and leader of the United Youth Front public movement, commented on the words of the Ukrainian journalist on the radio Sputnik.

“I think the statements are bare-handed. We perfectly see that Frau Merkel, in his policies, in maneuvering between Russia and Ukraine, plays his vassal dependence before Washington and, despite all the courtesies, nevertheless acts in the interests of Ukrainian politics. By itself, Merkel, frankly, is a cold and calculating politician, it is no coincidence that she has been in power for so many years. She is well aware that she’s absolutely unprofitable to “throw” her Ukrainian "partners". Berlin is always looking back at Washington , on his position on this issue. Germany cannot now pursue an independent policy. Therefore, these attacks on Merkel, it seems to me, are an information provocation. Nothing more. Because Merkel does not act as unprofitable to Washington and, accordingly, Kiev ", – said Nikolai Shlyamin.



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