“Political corruption is the worst because of the sense of impunity it transmits”

The director of the Andalusian Office against Fraud and Corruption, Ricardo PuyoHe affirms from his experience as a judge that political corruption It is the worst because of the sense of impunity that it transmits. Ricardo Puyol, who in his time as a judge in Marbella investigated the Goldfinger case in which the actor was accused Sean Connery, has indicated that in his new responsibility at the head of the Office against Corruption his main task is to prevent this type of conduct.

On El Mirador de Andalucía, from Canal Sur Radio, has pointed out the importance of protecting witnesses, fundamentally officials who dare to take the step and denounce. In this sense, he has said that it is not only a matter of offering this support to witnesses from large political centers, but also to small municipalities, where the witness suffers greater social pressure.

The Parliament of Andalusia approved in June without votes against the law against fraud and corruption, which includes the creation of an anti-corruption office and especially protects the complainant, for which it has had the support of PP, Cs and Vox, and the abstention of PSOE and Adelante Andalucía. This rule will prevent people charged or convicted of corruption from holding public office or having bank accounts in tax havens.


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