Political education – Landesarbeitsgemeinschaft Katholische Offene Kinder

Every issue is a youth issue – and every political issue is a youth issue. Whether education, health, transport or environmental policy: Children and young people are directly or indirectly affected by decisions in all political fields. You are affected by a well or poorly developed public transport network. You are affected by regulations that are being imposed to contain the corona crisis. They are affected by reforms in education policy.

The open child and youth work facilities are a central place to take up these topics and to strengthen their visitors in their political awareness. OKJA also confirms this in the Federal Government’s latest report on children and young people, highlighting it as one of the central areas in which non-formal political education takes place.

The implementation of political education in the OKJA is just as diverse as the OKJA and its institutions themselves: From thematic discussions, joint research, cinema evenings, U18 and U16 elections, memorial tours, art and music projects and many more. Political issues are taken up in every conceivable context and brought up by the visitors themselves, because they bring their individual wishes and concerns into the facilities.

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