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“In the stalemate with Irrigation Systems, only the minister will be responsible for blocking the company.” This was stated to BNR by the current chairman of the Board of Directors of the company Snezhina Dineva, threatening to sue the Minister of Agriculture Hristo Bozukov. On Friday, Bozukov said that the fired head of Irrigation Systems, Snezhina Dineva, was sabotaging the company’s activities, which could not pay the salaries of its employees for this month.

According to Dineva, employees fired for abuses by the previous leadership have filed complaints with Bozukov.

“It was the responsibility of the minister and the entire administration to check these allegations, to see the facts and the evidence. In my opinion, the other side should be heard as well,” Dineva said. On Friday, the minister announced that after an internal audit, a number of weaknesses were identified – 17 violations were identified and based on the report on June 9, he proposed Dineva for release.

“In the internal audit for optimizing the work of the company there are only 3 recommendations and there are no sanctions or violations imposed by the minister, which are described,” said Dineva.

“The press conference given by the minister was another attempt to transfer the responsibility of him and his appointees. Indeed, the company is currently blocked, this is due to illegal actions to dismiss the Board. The law was not observed. for public enterprises “, commented Snezhina Dineva.

She explained that the Court of Auditors has audited the company for a two-year period, but has not yet prepared a report. Dineva added that “fortunately” the report will be published on the website of the National Audit Office.

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Regarding the announced information about money transferred between different branches of the company, without notifying the central management, Dineva clarified that after her release “some of the branches have transferred liabilities to another branch according to internal calculations”. The managers of the branches have the right under the Regulations for the activity of “Irrigation Systems” when there is a threat of seizure of accounts of the company and filing of enforcement cases by external contractors to whom funds are due, to transfer amounts to internal settlements and this is not precedent, pointed out Snezhina Dineva.

Asked if there is information that the share of funds for “Irrigation Systems” in the Recovery Plan is decreasing, Snezhina Dineva noted:

Over 30% have been cut at the request of the Minister of Agriculture by the newly appointed Board of Irrigation Systems. Branch managers have confirmed that they want to keep sites that are in the Irrigation Systems project. This project was made by me and my team within 1 year and was coordinated with the European Commission. It was already “glowing green”, she commented.