Politics. What future for the regional balancing trains?

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The report envisions new day and night TFWs.

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By: Interview by Marie-Hélène Poingt

The study on the possible future of territorial balancing trains, carried out by the State services, was given to Parliamentarians towards the end of May. This study, which envisages new rail corridors (see LVDR n ° 3835) carries an ambitious vision for night and day trains. But the question of the follow-up to be given to it remains unanswered. La Vie du Rail interviewed a deputy and a senator to find out their opinion on this work.

“This report highlights the omissions of the rail system”

Olivier Jacquin, socialist senator from Meurthe et Moselle

© Lulucalefevre150954 / Wikicommons

© Lulucalefevre150954 / Wikicommons

“This report is fascinating because of what it shows about French railway culture. Rail transport has indeed been saved in France by the TGV and the TER managed by the regions. So what does this study tell us? It notes significant flows for journeys of more than 100 km between the departments, whatever the modes of transport (train, but also car, plane, boat, etc.) Appear five lines forgotten by TGV and TER, while ‘they could be served by train. The report therefore puts its finger on the oversights of the rail system which focused on Paris. Our super rail system has not taken into account the mobility needs of populations.

An example: the authors of the study recommend relaunching the Metz – Nancy – Dijon – Lyon – Grenoble link because there is a real need. However, this service was recently removed on the grounds that there were not enough travelers, despite requests from local elected officials …

Moreover, the study shows that the economic balance of the system must be assumed by the State. She points to needs to be covered

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