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Poll: 74% of French favor state spending cuts

For the French polled by a BVA poll for RTL-Orange revealed Monday, February 11, priority must be given to reducing the weight of the state to reform.

By writing Contrepoints.

In a poll conducted by BVA Opinion for RTL-Orange, 74% of respondents considered it necessary to reduce government spending to reduce public spending, and this in priority to social spending (11%) and to those of communities ( 9%).

In order to lower taxes and reduce debt, which public spending should you prioritize? Base: 1002 French aged 18 and over

Not surprisingly, the fight against public spending that has been made for decades by higher taxes is not popular with the French. The Yellow Vest crisis in this worked as a revealer of the tax burden and the uneven distribution felt of the tax burden.

Penalization of drivers and rural people

Taxing diesel and penalizing drivers to finance the energy transition has automatically led to the burden on the shoulders of the most modest classes. Here again, the survey is eloquent, revealing that 40% of the French do not have an alternative to the individual automobile for their daily trips, when it is not 75 when one moves away from the cities to concentrate on rural areas. Conversely, the alternatives are more numerous in the city, and it is in the Paris area that the car can most easily be substituted for other means of transport.

We also better understand the difference in political reaction to the tax on the car between Paris and the rest of France: the French decision center, including in terms of taxation, today pays its Jacobinism which makes him ignore the economic and social functioning of the rest of the country.

Source: Orange BVA-RTL poll

More generally, the French express their attachment to the level closest to them, namely the municipality, within local authorities. Perhaps it is necessary to see here the opposite of the bureaucratic "verticality" extolled by the central power and its Parisian administration, which continue to be criticized by the opponents of macronism as well as by the liberals, who have been demanding for decades to loosen the grip of the central state on civil society.

What are the levels of local government to which you are most attached? Source poll BVA RTL-Orange

counterpoint has shown that the bankruptcy of the French welfare state results in an unparalleled tax burden in Europe. While all its European neighbors have made the choice to clean up their accounts by reducing the state sails, France continues to maintain its bureaucracy and hire officials lost funds. Far from being an isolated voice, this new poll confirms that it is also the fight of all French.


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