Polo Polo died at the age of 78 and celebrities, like Franco Escamilla, fired him

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Polo Polo died at the age of 78 and celebrities like Franco Escamilla fired him
Polo Polo died at the age of 78 and is fired by celebrities. Photo: Darkroom

Leopoldo Roberto García Peláez Benítez, better known as Polo Polo, passed away this Monday at the age of 78. After the news of the death of the mexican comedianseveral celebrities, especially from the world of comedy, expressed their condolences via social media.

Celebrities bid farewell to Polo Polo

The death of Polo Polo In mourning to the world of comedy and the entertainmentso several comedians dedicated a last message to the famous, who would fulfill years next March 9. Among the celebrities who fired Leopoldo, it’s found Franco Escamilla.

Franco Escamilla

The famous affirmed that, with the departure of the popular comedian, the world “It has become a less funny place and with less magic.”

“The king is dead, the world has become a less graceful place with less magic. No one will ever match the master Polo Polo RIP. A red marlboro and a “cognaquito” to the health of the best of all time”,

Franco Escamilla

Gon Curiel and Slobotzky

Added to the list of condolences standuperos y comedians as Gon Curiel and Slobotzky they also dedicated some words of farewell a famous.

“How sad about Polo Polo, the greatest on stage. That the gods of comedy are already spoiling it a lot on the other side ”,


“Polo Polo’s legacy will be longer than his legendary jokes. Those of us who dedicate ourselves to comedy owe him a lot. Rest in peace”,

Gon Curiel

Jean Duverger

the presenter Jeanwho was part of Timbiriche’s history, also joined the farewells to the comedian, whom he recognized as a “benchmark of comedy and entertainment.”

“Enormous sadness the departure of the great @polo_polo. Thank you for so many laughs, for marking a time in the lives of many and being a benchmark for comedy and entertainment. Have a good trip!”,


Edward Spain

After the news, actors like Edward Spain mourned the death of the famous native of Leon, Guanajuato. The member of the cast of “Vecinos” highlighted the “likeability and talent” that Leopoldo gave away for several years.

“RIP the great Polo Polo. His sympathy and his talent for humor gave us wonderful years of laughter. My condolences to his loved ones.”

Edward Spain

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