Polytron Electric Motors Can Be Sold For IDR 16 Million, This Is The Secret

Sunday, November 6, 2022 – 09:35 WIB

VIVA Automotive – Polytron participated in enlivening the Indonesian automotive industry, by presenting electric motorcycles. At the Indonesia International Motor Show or IMOS 2022 exhibition, they launched two new products.

The first new model presented is the Fox-R, which has a power of 3 kilo Watts and can go up to a speed of 90 kilometers per hour.

The battery capacity is 3.7 kWh, which can store electrical power for a trip of 130 km. Long battery charging time from zero to 80 percent, approximately 4 hours 30 minutes.

Polytron also displays the T-Rex model which is the highest variant, with the ability to go up to 130 km per hour. The mileage on a single charge is also 130 km.

Visitors to the Polytron Fox-R motorcycle test ride at IMOS 2022

Visitors to the Polytron Fox-R motorcycle test ride at IMOS 2022

Photo :

  • VIVA Automotive/Muhammad Thoifur

Commercial Director of Polytron, Tekno Wibowo said that the Fox-R was offered at a fairly affordable price for the size of an electric motor, which was Rp. 16 million.

“The production is local, we have included it in the form of components, the factory is in Sayung near Semarang and Demak,” he said at the IMOS 2022 exhibition, quoted Sunday 6 November 2022.