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US President Donald Trump again said on Wednesday that he had not been informed of such a Russian offer to the Taliban, as there have been doubts about the veracity of such information.

“I think it’s a joke on the part of newspapers and Democrats,” Tramps told Fox Business Network.

“I really think a lot of intelligence people didn’t think it really happened,” Trump said.

Pompeo told a news conference that Russia’s actions against US interests were “nothing new” but defended the Trump administration’s response.

“We took it seriously; we are acting accordingly,” Pompeo said, not commenting on intelligence reports in The New York Times that Russia had offered the Taliban retaliation for killing US troops in Afghanistan.

“The Russians have sold small arms that have put Americans at risk there (in Afghanistan) for 10 years. We have opposed this,” Pompeo said.

“When we see credible information that leads us to believe that the Russians are putting American lives at risk, we respond in a serious way.”

However, Pompeo allowed Putin to be invited to the US summit. In June, Trump had expressed a desire to invite Putin to an expanded G7 summit, although Russia was excluded from the G8 for the annexation of Crimea in 2014.

Trump has repeatedly expressed hope that relations with Putin could improve, and his position has alarmed even some Republican politicians.

The New York Times said last week, citing anonymous officials, that Tramps had been informed of the Taliban’s compensation for killing American soldiers back in March, but had done nothing in the case.

Trump denied having received such information on Sunday evening. White House spokeswoman Keyl McManania said Monday that Trumps

was not informed of intelligence reports that Russia had offered retaliation to the Taliban for the killing of US troops in Afghanistan because of concerns about the veracity of the information.



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