Pont-a-Mousson. The “Dr Moulla” multi-professional health center develops public health actions

Created in 2014, the “Dr Moulla” multi-professional health center (MSP) recently organized a nutrition/physical activity workshop for children who have a weight problem or are in a situation of obesity. A public health action started five years ago which allowed the former Medical Center “Dr Moulla” to take the name of MSP.

To better understand the subtlety between the two entities, Christophe Pinna, physiotherapist and manager of the MSP “Dr Moulla”, explains: “A medical house brings together professionals who work in the same place and are totally independent. While an MSP must highlight care projects, with coordinated multi-professional meetings, to discuss cases, complex or not. For example, the work we have been doing for five years on childhood overweight. An additional string to the bow of the Maison de santé which allows it to be, in fact, recognized as such by the Health Insurance, according to very precise specifications which also defines, of course, access to care, as well as specific axes, like a shared information system.

A 100% private structure

In this context, the Health Insurance helps the MSP to finance its prevention and public health education actions, within the framework of joint work between all the professionals of the MSP, of which the following is the list: two pediatricians , four general practitioners, three nurses, including one who is part of the Asalée network (Action de Santé Libérale en Équipe), five physiotherapists, a psychologist, a dietician, a pediatric dietician and an orthopedic surgeon. Without forgetting an APA (Adapted Physical Activity) coach, two medical secretaries and two people in charge of the maintenance of the structure. “Other professionals who practice outside also collaborate with the MSP, such as a midwife, a doctor and other professionals, within the framework of the Interprofessional Society for Ambulatory Care”, adds Alexia Denis, pediatrician at the MSP, recalling that the structure, located Avenue Patton, is “100% private”.

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Before concluding on the advantages of this grouping, including: “For patients, who can meet professionals in one and the same place, who are also happy to work in pleasant conditions and can develop their joint projects in optimal. “In the end, everyone finds their account. CQFD.

The physical activity workshop took place with a physiotherapist and an APA (Adapted Physical Activity) coach.  Photo ER /Martine SCHOENSTEIN

A nutrition/physical activity workshop for children and parents

As part of a Nutrition/Physical Activity workshop, children monitored by a dietician from the “Dr Moulla” multi-professional health centre, were invited to take part in an activity. Accompanied by their parents, the little ones were invited to join a physiotherapist and an APA (Adapted Physical Activity) coach for a fun sports session in the establishment’s ad hoc facilities, during which the professionals discussed the nutrition in the form of games.

World Obesity Day

During this time, the parents were received by a dietician, Elisabeth Favre, around a coffee to preserve the friendly aspect. “This is an opportunity to address the difficulties they may encounter at home, in terms of nutrition and to regulate things if necessary”, reveals the professional who has passed on leads and advice to all these parents who ‘she receives regular consultations. “This workshop indeed completes our appointments for both children and parents”, welcomes Elisabeth Favre who did things well, since this animation was held on the day of the world day against obesity.