Ponta, Grindeanu, Sova and Teodorovici gave him the receipt to MRS. Dragnea: “Tel the Way she was to his”. Ponta: “To lie under oath is a felony”

Ponta, Grindeanu, Sova and Teodorovici gave him the receipt to MRS. Dragnea: “Tel the Way she was to his”. Ponta: “To lie under oath is a felony”


UPDATE 17.50 Victor Ponta has made several clarifications on facebok, on his hearing from MRS. in this file. He reacted after what the press has taken quotes from the order of the DNA. “I told all the truth – to lie under oath is a crime and I don’t see who takes this thing,” Ponta wrote.
Posting his Ponta, in full.
“the Thinking of the mob to @Cartel at the Teldrum goes and in the press!
1. We were all called 5 as a witness / if we’ve shown in the latter quotation it means that we are “traitors”.
2. I have told all the truth – to lie under oath is a crime and I don’t see who assumes this.
3. As a witness, you can’t invoke the right to silence – it can only make Dragnea as a suspect.
4. Propagandists “Cartel” all of us attack those who we were called that the witnesses and I have said frankly what we know – isn’t it easier to tell if Dragnea = Teldrum?
5. This media lynching on money can’t hide millions from european funds, no Lake Belina, no house in Brazil ! So what’s the use of this lie organized by Dragnea?
6. They say we don’t know when I have been heard?!?! Well I went in and went out the front and given all the press this/ and when I told you that we’ve all been heard as witnesses in a case of the 2014 howl all like hell that it ain’t so! Propaganda is bad thinking.”
Knowledge: initial File of the MRS

the President of the Chamber of Deputies, Liviu Dragnea (55 years old), was placed yesterday under indictment in the third of his file. Charges the prosecutors of DNA: formation of an organized criminal group, fraud, european, and abuse in service.
the Facts would have been made in the quality of chairman of the County Council Teleorman, depending on which Dragnea occupied during the 2000-2012 period.
the Investigation has to do with the way in which the company Tel Road has received contracts financed from public funds, national or european. The company is controlled by intrmediul of actions to the carrier. Eight other people were indicted in this case, the businessmen, officials and executives in the CJ Teleorman. The best-known names are those of Marian Fișcuci, the first shareholder of the company Tel Drum and former advisor to the county of Teleorman, Petre Pitiş.
Sova: “Even filed “, you Know that she’s mine””
According to the ordinance of the commencement of the criminal prosecution, signed by prosecutor MS Carmen Alexandra Lăncrănjan, and published by the website of “World Justice”, Dan Sova would have given more details in this file.
“We didn’t have a conviction, we knew that Tel the Road site is of mr. Dragnea and mr. Dragnea said several times personally that this company is his, even formulated the “do you Know that she’s mine”. I shall not discuss at the corners that Tel the Road is his, that would have been an urban legend, I don’t. Tel the Way she was his. (…) Until 2012 for me, it was notorious that Tel the Road was his Liviu Dragnea, after 2012 has become a certainty. By 2012 everyone knew that the political force of his Liviu Dragnea is based on the fact that Tel the Road was his, at the level of Teleorman county”, said Dan Sova.
Recall that he was elected a senator of the Olt in the legislature 2008-2012 from the Social Democratic Party, and subsequently occupied the chair of prime minister for relations with parliament in the first government, the (6 august 2012 to 21 December 2012), the minister delegate for infrastructure projects in the second government (December 21, 2012-5 march 2013), and the transport minister in the third government (march 5, 2014-24 June 2014).
Former governor: he Wanted to participate together
According to the ordinance quoted, the control Liviu Nicolae Dragnea had him on the Phone the Way it would have been confirmed by the statements of Teodor Niţulescu “which indicated that initially the Liviu Nicolae Dragnea asked to participate together to purchase the Phone the Way To. Moreover, the witness stated that at the time of the start of the privatisation procedures Liviu Dragnea asked not to participate in independently, the two by making mutual concessions in this regard”.
Niţulescu was the primary PD of Alexandria in the period 1996-2000 and re-elected in 2000 with 84% of the vote. In January 2001 he was appointed prefect of the Teleorman county by December 2004. From 1 October 2009 returned to the post of prefect of the Teleorman county, supported by PDL, being relieved of duty in 2012.
Teodorovici and talks with Dragnea
“Aspects on the involvement of its (Liviu Dragnea-no) actively and directly are also confirmed by the witness Eugen Teodorovici which indicates that he had contradictory discussions with Liviu Nicolae Dragnea because it was under the impression that the witness pârâse to OLAF, be him, be Tel the Way. The incidents and discussions contradictory between Liviu Nicolae Dragnea and the witness Eugen Teodorovici are confimate and witness Victor Ponta”, shown in the order of MS.
Teodorovici was a senator from Buzau (2012-2016) and Tulcea (in 2016) of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) prime minister and minister of european funds and then of the public finance in the government of Victor Ponta (21 December 2012 – 30 march 2015).
the Order signed by prosecutor MS Carmen Lăncrănjan is a statement extremely interesting, of a member of the PSD, a former prime minister and close of his Dragnea. It is about the former prime minister Sorin Grindeanu that, as a witness, made a few remarks about the way in which he was named Voicu Dorin Sandu in the office of the president of the National Administration of State Reserves and Special Issues.
Surprise from searches
According to MS, the searches were discovered documents in which members of the group proposing and condoning the appointment in public positions of persons with whom they had close relationships. “Either they were given people who would have been suitable for a position of leadership in the central administration and which have been subsequently called in these posts, whether they were given details regarding the willingness of public figures to put in the function a person close to” showing MRS.
also, were found un-redacted documents of the institutions of state: background notes and specifications for future auctions, which were in procedure of internal approval (as is the case with the National Administration of State Reserves and Special Issues), correspondence between the territorial administrative units and the Ministry of Regional Development, Public Administration and European Funds (in the framework of the objectives intended to be financed by PNDL), lists on projects submitted for funding, documents requested by the judicial authorities of the public institutions in the course of the prosecution (as is the case ANCPI).
explained MS. e all those involved in this business has had various benefits, such as wages well paid, positions, dividends or free use of goods. In the case of his Dragnea, the politician would be obtained directly or through his wife or son, movable and immovable property. It comes to shares in a company, the payment of dividends, the payment of periodical payments by way of rent collected personally by Liviu Dragnea and his ex-wife, Candy Prodana, or fololosirea free of buildings or cars by the son of a politician.
Company, player at national level
the Increasing political influence of his Dragnea would have brought the new contracts of the company Tel Road, which has become one of the most powerful companies in the country in infrastructure works. The politician has occupied important functions in the PSD, secretary general (2010 – 2013), president (2013 – 2015) and executive president (2015-present) and the Government, the minister of Regional Development and Public Administration and vicpremier (2012-2015). At the same time, members grupăriii “Tel Way” would have made election donations to the PSD. The financing party would be made via several socități, controlled by those involved, close Liviu Dragnea. It is about 2.5 million lei in the year 2009. There would be cases in which these affiliated firms were awarded public contracts, but most of the money would be directed to Tel the Road.
In addition, with the promotion of his Livu Dragnea, from Teleorman at the central level, the politician should be eased and obtaining digital publcie important in the case of close. The press has written continuously about the promotion in key functions in Teleorman, but also in the governmental institutions of the people close to Dragnea. Among them includes ministers Carmen Dan and Sevil Shhaideh, the current head of the Court of Auditors, Mihai Busuioc, the current advisor of the Court of Auditors and former head of NAFA Bogdan Stan, the former driver of his Dragnea, Adrian Maldinoiu, promoted secretary of state and administrator to the CNAIR, or Catalina Stefanescu, engaged advisor to SGG.

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