Bruno Santoro, member of the Inspection Commission of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport established for the collapse of the Morandi Bridge of Genoa, he resigned. To announce the engineer's farewell, confirmed as a member of the commission by the minister Danilo Toninelli despite the news on his advice from 70 thousand euros, in the past, for Highways, was the ministry in a note: "The engineer Bruno Santoro has resigned spontaneously his resignation from the Inspection Commission of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport that works to identify the causes of the collapse of the Morandi Bridge – reads – The ministry, thanking him for the sensitivity and professionalism shown, he specifies that just since March 23 Santoro is a manager of the Division 1 (Technical and operational supervision of the motorway network under concession) of the General Directorate for the supervision of motorway operators. And that in this division he had no jurisdiction over the extraordinary maintenance project presented by Autostrade for the Morandi Bridge. In relation, then, to the so-called 'consultancies' for reels, it should be noted that the trials of the works under concession are regularly carried out by the structures of the grantor at the expense of the concessionaire. And it is confirmed that the offices of the engineer Santoro were duly authorized by the administration years ago, at the time when Santoro was employed by the Board of Public Works ".

With the departure of Santoro, the number of members who left the ministerial commission rises to three. At the end of August, the then head of the inspectors, the architect Roberto Ferrazza, had been removed from his role as President. On the same day, the professor had also resigned Antonio Brencich: "My decision to resign coincides with a reason to opportunity – he had declared – I wanted to do it already four days ago. One was raised on this story political question, with which I have nothing to do. So, for reasons of seriousness, I resigned ". In reality, the shadow of the conflict of interest for having already officially crossed the history of the viaduct Polcevera or who managed it. After the report of last February on the restructuring project presented by Autostrade, also signed by Ferrazza and Brencich, was acquired by the Genoa Public Prosecutor during the criminal investigation, the request for a strong decision had been raised by various parties by the Infrastructures and Transport. Not surprisingly, the staff of Minister Toninelli had declared a, a few days later, who were "evaluating the eventuality replacement one or two members ".

Minister of Labor and Economic Development, Luigi Di MaioInstead, he returns to attack Autostrade and promises exemplary penalties for those responsible: "Autostrade will have another bad surprise in the next days. I do not have the bridge rebuilt by those who made it collapse, "he said speaking to journalists during a visit to the Fiera del Levante of Bari. "As far as we are concerned, the Morandi bridge must rebuild it as a state company Fincantieribecause we have to monitor what will be done on the reconstruction of the bridge ", he concluded.

In the meantime, the confrontation between Danilo Toninelli and the Governor of the Liguria Region goes on, Giovanni Toti. In the morning, Toninelli launched a tweet which reads: "President Toti is worried about bringing home the displaced to recover personal effects and give them new accommodation. Do not make politics on Genoa. Autostrade will pay the money, as its duty, but will not rebuild the bridge that collapsed ". The response of the Forza Italia politician is ready Forum Ambrosetti of Cernobbio he replies by accusing Toninelli of not being able to manage the Morandi Bridge affair at ministerial level, as evidenced by the events concerning the farewells of the committee members: "It seems to me that Toninelli should worry about something else instead of what Toti does – he said in a press conference – Take care of your ministry, since the composition of the commission of the MIT is rather complicated and the commissioners rotate more quickly than players in a football game. " And on the question of housing for the displaced Genoese responds on the merits: the homes to displaced persons "are almost all assigned. On 250 families, about 200 are already placed in public housing or with the assistance contribution. We are doing what we had to do as a Region, a Municipality and a Commissioner. I believe in this situation, with the Mit being a colander and one of the weak rings, Region and Municipality of Genoa should be protagonists of this phase ". And then he concluded: "Governments must speak with acts of law. At the time the law says that when the Morandi Bridge will be unblocked by the judiciary will return to Autostrade. There realpolitik must overcome a misinterpreted justicialism", Referring to the Five Stars approach.


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