Ponteareas requests a loan of 1.2 million for energy efficiency

The main action of this operation consists of total renovation of public lighting exterior by the LED luminaires, both in the center and in the parishes, which will mean an improvement in neighboring safety thanks to its greater visibility, as well as a great energy saving that contributes to the reduction of CO2. In addition, the other planned interventions will improve the energy efficiency of several municipal agencies that provide services to residents, as well as of several publicly owned buildings, such as the classrooms of the parishes that make up the Rural Agrupado College, the CEIP Feliciano Barrera de Guláns or from the Álvaro Pino Sports Complex.

“We will achieve all this transformation with a loan with a negligible interest, which also pays for itself, since it is to finance investments in energy improvements, which will save several hundred thousand a year of everyone’s money. all ”, explains the councilor for the Treasury, Francisco Alonso. He also emphasizes that “we request loans for investments, and if they grant them to us, it is precisely because we are a solvent City Council, which is in good economic health. We would be being irresponsible if we did not take advantage of this opportunity ”.

The total investment of the actions to be carried out thanks to this loan is almost 5.5 million euros, of which 4.1 are subsidized. On the other hand, the requested loan of 1.2 million euros will be repaid in 15 years.


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