Thomas Tuchel and PSG got off to a good start in 2019. Victorious in Lorient fans of the GSI Pontivy (N3, fifth national level), the Parisians made a very serious match with only two training in the legs. Which had something to delight the German technician.

What do you remember from the victory of your team?

THOMAS TUCHEL. If you play seriously, it's impossible for a fifth-division team to beat us. And we did it. It was necessary but not simple. The opponent played well, was organized and we lost some easy balls, lacked precision in the last pass at the end of the first half. But these are not serious things. There were no injuries and we ended up scoring.

The tenure of Neymar posed a question. Finally, he gave you complete satisfaction?

Yes, I am very satisfied. The players have been there for two days and they are fit. They talked during the holidays. It's a good signal for everyone. They have professionals and it's normal because we have big goals. Ney was good, he wanted to play and did 90 minutes.

"They showed that they did not question the importance of the opponent. That's exactly the spirit I like

Does the mood of your group really mark you?

Yes because we trust the players. And it's mutual. It's not only in a sense. We explained to the players that they would have a little more vacation with negotiations. And they came back, they trained, they are ready. I love that. They showed that they did not ask the question of the match, the importance of the opponent. That's exactly the spirit I like. When we play with this shirt (he touches the club badge), we play 100%, with intensity.

"It was like a very intensive training"

Were you surprised by Pontivy?

The intensity of the opponent is worth noting. But after 70 minutes we knew that the spaces would open. It was like a very intensive training with the character of a match. It was good to play in this stadium because it was easier for us, it's clear. It's good to start the year against another opponent than a Ligue 1 or Ligue 2.

What did you think about the performance of Layvin Kurzawa, returning after 8 months of absence?

It lacks rhythm, it's normal. It lacks a little confidence in his game, in his style, automatisms in this system. He is an important player for us. We have Juan (Bernat) but we can not use it at every game. It will be useful to us.


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