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Poor pensions force retirees to use natural medicine

by archyw

Contribution increased from Bs 1,800,000 to Bs 7,000,000.

Retirement in Venezuela for some was seen as the arrival of the deserved rest after giving up their working life in a company or institution.

Now the reality is different due to the very poor amounts of pensions that are not enough to cover basic needs such as food or medicine. There is no rest but new concerns.

José Castellanos, general coordinator of the Human Rights Committee in defense of retirees, pensioners and the elderly in the state of Bolívar and delegate of the National Federation, questioned “the 7 million bolivars that the elderly will receive plus 3 million in food vouchers , which are not enough for anything “.

According to what Castellanos commented, he asserted that they have had to change the pharmacy for botany to look for home remedies in plants that serve to control some health issues, compared to the high amounts of drugs, for this reason, he emphasized that they went back 100 years.

“This is aberrant,” said Castellanos, even remembering that the price of the dollar stands at more than 3 million bolivars to date.

He considered that the country’s economy should be dollarized, and also stated that a retiree should receive at least $ 200 to cover their basic needs.

He was emphatic when he recalled the Food and Health Voucher Law that was approved in the National Assembly (AN).

“Come the president who comes, it is a law that is approved with 16 monthly tax units for each pensioner,” said Castellanos.

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As for the days of basic companies when delivering bags of food plus a protein combo to retirees, he requested that this benefit “be like the first time, with 32 food items.”

However, currently, they only receive 6 items, including 2 kilos of pasta, 3 kilos of rice, 3 kilos of lentils, 1 liter of oil, 1 kilo of sugar, as well as two chickens, mortadella and 1 carton of eggs. .

This benefit is only good for one week depending on the number of family members.

Although he alleged that the coordination for the delivery of the products by CVG Alcasa had a better organization than in previous dates.


When some retirees asked him where they used the pension, they told PRIMICIA, who go to banks to have a little cash and manage to complete urban passages or buy “teats of coffee, sugar, etc.”.

Others confessed that they depend on the remittances of their children or grandchildren outside the country to be able to eat, since the pension only increased from Bs. 1,800,000 to Bs. 7,000,000, insufficient amount to acquire more than one product.

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