Pope Francis canonizes 10 new saints of the Catholic Church

Pope Francis proclaimed 10 new saints of the Catholic Church this Sunday, May 15, including Charles de Foucauld.

It was a festive celebration in St. Peter’s Square in the Vatican in which thousands of people and numerous civil and ecclesiastical authorities participated.

In his homily, the Holy Father indicated that we are all called “to serve the Gospel and our brothers and sisters.” offer our own life selflessly, without seeking any worldly glory”.

Along these lines, the Pope pointed out the importance of love, which consists in “serving and giving life” and explained that “serving means not putting your own interests first, detoxifying yourself from the poisons of greed and competitioncombat the cancer of indifference and the rot of self-referentiality, share the charisms and gifts that God has given us”.

“Let us ask ourselves, specifically, ‘what do I do for others?‘, this is love, let us live the ordinary things of each day with a spirit of service, with love and silently, without claiming anything”, said the Pope.

The Holy Father then described that Giving life “is not just offering something, such as giving some of your own goods to others, but giving yourself” and encouraged to “touch and look at the suffering flesh of Christ in our brothers and sisters, it is very important.”

Holiness is not made of a few heroic acts, but of much daily love. Are you consecrated or consecrated? There are many here. Are you consecrated or consecrated? Be holy living with joy your dedication. Are you married? Be holy by loving and taking care of your husband or your wife, as Christ did with the Church. Are you a worker, a working woman? Be a saint by honorably and competently fulfilling your work in the service of your brothers and sisters and fighting for the justice of your colleagues, so that they do not lose their jobs, so that they always have a fair salary. Are you a father, grandmother or grandfather? Be holy by patiently teaching children to follow Jesus.”

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Likewise, the Pope addressed in particular the authorities present and questioned: “Tell me, do you have authority? And here, there are many people who have authority, I wonder: Do you have authority? Be holy fighting for the common good and giving up your personal interests. This is the path of holiness, as simple as that, always look at Jesus in others”.

“Our traveling companions, canonized today, lived holiness in this way: they wore themselves out for the Gospel, enthusiastically embracing their vocation – priest, consecrated, layman -, they wore themselves out for the Gospel, discovered an unparalleled joy and became luminous reflections of the Lord in history. This is a saint or a saint, a luminous reflection of the Lord in history”, said the Holy Father.

For this reason, the Pope encouraged: “Let us also try it, the path to Holiness is not closed, it is universal, it is a call for all of us and it begins with Baptism, it is not closed, because we are all called to holiness, to a unique and unrepeatable holiness”.

“Holiness is always original, as Blessed Carlo Acutis said, there is no photocopy holiness, holiness is original, it is mine, yours, that of each one of us. It is unique and unrepeatable. Yes, the Lord has a project of love for each one, he has a dream for your life. embrace it. What can I say? Carry it forward with joy”, concluded the Pope.

At the end of the Mass, the Holy Father led the recitation of the Queen Coeli. Then, he personally greeted many of the people who were in the atrium near the altar and toured the aisles of St. Peter’s Square with the popemobile.

new saints

The ten new saints of the Catholic Church are: Charles de FoucauldFrench diocesan priest, founder of ten religious congregations and eight associations of spiritual life have emerged from his testimony and charism.

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Tito Brandsma Born in the Netherlands in 1881, he entered the order of Carmelite friars and was ordained a priest in 1905. This Carmelite priest was assassinated in the Dauchau concentration camp (Germany) for opposing the Nazi regime.

Lazaruscalled Devasahayam, layman, martyr, who was born in the eighteenth century in the village of Nattalam (India) and was murdered, out of hatred for the faith, in Aralvaimozhy (India).

Cesar de Buspriest, founder of the Congregation of the Fathers of Christian Doctrine (Doctrinaires), who was born on February 3, 1544 in Cavaillon (France) and died on April 15, 1607 in Avignon (France).

Luigi Maria Palazzolopriest, founder of the Institute of the Sisters of the Poor (Palazzolo Institute).

Justin María Russolillopriest, founder of the Society of Divine Vocations and the Congregation of the Sisters of Divine Vocations.

Marie River French nun, founder of the Congregation of the Sisters of the Presentation of Mary.

Maria Frances of Jesus (born Anna Maria Rubatto), founder of the Tertiary Capuchin Sisters of Loano, who was born in Carmagnola (Italy) and died in Montevideo (Uruguay).

Maria de Jesus Santocanale She is the founder of the Congregation of the Capuchin Sisters of the Immaculate of Lourdes. She was born in 1852 in Palermo (Italy) and died in 1923 in Cinisi (Italy).

María Domenica Mantovani, co-founder and first superior general of the Institute of the Little Sisters of the Holy Family.