Pope Francis heard “terrible things” about the situation in Ukraine. “This poor nation suffers a lot”

On Wednesday, September 28, Pope Francis had a general audience. During the meeting in St. Peter’s Square, he addressed the faithful saying that he was thinking “of a tormented Ukraine”.

– This poor nation suffers a lot, so cruelly experienced – the Pope said.

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Francis said that in the morning he spoke with the papal almoner Cardinal Konrad Krajewski, who returned from Ukraine, where he was for the fourth time since the beginning of the Russian invasion.

– He told me terrible things. Let us think about Ukraine and pray for this tormented nation, appealed the Pope.

“Words are missing, tears are missing” – this is how the papal almoner Cardinal Konrad Krajewski described his fourth visit to Ukraine, where he stayed as an envoy of Pope Francis. On Monday, September 19, he was at the site of mass graves discovered in the forest near Izium in the Kharkiv region in the northeast of Ukraine.

In a statement to the Vatican media, the Polish cardinal and prefect of the Dicastery for Mercy Service stressed that he had seen 50 policemen, firefighters and soldiers in white overalls extracting the bodies of killed Ukrainians from the graves. Some, he added, were killed three or four months ago, others were recently buried.

– I know, there is war, and war knows no mercy, there are also killed. Seeing so many of them in one zone is a difficult thing to tell, to explain – said Cardinal Krajewski.

He then admitted: “There was something that touched me greatly; these young Ukrainians were pulling these bodies out in such a delicate way, in such total silence. It seemed like a ceremony. Nobody said anything, and there were many policemen, soldiers, at least 200 people. All in silence, in great respect for the mystery of death. There was really a lot to learn from these young people, the cardinal noted.

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The papal envoy said he walked among the graves and prayed the rosary. – We were there for at least three hours. I couldn’t do anything else – he pointed out.

Cardinal Krajewski was also at the police station, turned into a torture chamber by the Russians.

– I knew that I would see many killed, but I also met people who showed the beauty that is sometimes hidden in our hearts. They showed human beauty in a place where there could only be revenge. And yet not, ‘he added. The papal almoner recalled the words from the Holy Scriptures: “Overcome evil with good”.