Pope Francis: the largest consultation in history in the Church and how it can change one of the oldest powers in the world

  • Edison Veiga
  • From Bled (Slovenia) for BBC News Brazil

Image source, Getty Images


The Pope must rule over the different currents of the Catholic Church.

They present it as the largest democratic consultation process in the history of the Catholic Church.

Pope Francis launched a process this weekend that can change the future of an institution that, over the centuries, has become a symbol of a rigid hierarchy, conservatism and little transparency.

The Supreme Pontiff urged Catholics to “do not stay locked in your certainties”, but rather “listen to each other” when presenting the initiative at Mass this Sunday in St. Peter’s Basilica.

“Are we prepared for the adventure of this trip? Or are we afraid of the unknown, preferring to take refuge in the usual excuses: ‘it’s useless’ or ‘we’ve always done it that way’?”