Pope: ‘There is no need for words that promise the impossible’ – Chronicle

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“Today we need prophecy but true prophecy: not words that promise the impossible”, “not power, but coherence. Not words, but prayer. Do not proclaim, but service”. The Pope said so in the homily of the Mass for the solemnity of Saints Peter and Paul, the first concelebrated with the cardinals since the start of the lockdown and in which about ninety people took part. The early Christians “did not speak” of Peter “but prayed for him. They did not speak from behind, but spoke to God. And today we can ask ourselves: ‘Do we keep our unity with prayer? Do we pray for one another?'”, added the Pope. The pontiff also invited to pray for politicians, even if they think differently from us. “It is a task that the Lord entrusts to us. Do we do it?”. The Pope underlined with disappointment that “we are so used to insulting those responsible”, the rulers “,” there are many qualifiers but I will not say them, this is not the time “.


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