Poplar planting on provincial highways progresses at good pace

Work continues at full speed on the bare root poplar plantation on the Los Comechingones and Serranías Puntanas highway, embellishing the income to the province through these accesses.

The team made up of more than 50 people from the Inclusion Plan crews, dependent on the Route Control Entity of the Ministry of Public Works and Infrastructure, permanently deploys operations to fill the San Luis routes with green. At this time of year, the Program works on new plantations and replacements on the different routes under their care.

The head of the Route Forestry and Landscape Program, Juan Ignacio Villegas, gave details about the work being carried out on these highways: “The species of poplars that we are planting is Conti 12, plants over two years old, which are those that best suit the area. Approximately 1,000 species are planted daily, 10 meters apart and about 8 meters from the highway ”.

In addition, Villegas emphasized all the work that is carried out prior to planting and its subsequent care: such as weeding and clearing the planting area and then making the hole, a base fertilization to deliver to the plant the nutrients it needs for at least at least 6 months, place the plant, proceed to the correct covering and placement of the tutor and finally carry out a seat irrigation for the conformity of the species in its definitive place.

Note and photos: Press Ministry of Public Works and Infrastructure.


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