POPPEA arrives, the Halloween Storm! Rain and Wind between Sunday and Monday »

WEEKEND Weather and OGNISSANTI Bridge: POPPEA arrives, the Halloween Storm! Rain and Wind between Sunday and Monday

Here comes POPPEA, the HALLOWEEN StormIn the course of this weekend and the bridge of All Saints the arrival of Poppea! This is not the second wife of Emperor Nero as our story teaches us, but a real one storm from Halloween that will dispense so much rain It’s a lot wind right between the days of Sunday 31 October and Monday 1 November.
While the regions of the South they slowly begin to free themselves from the more incisive effects of the deep and intense cyclone mediterraneo, here is an equally threatening one from northern Europe cyclonic vortex it sends an intense one to our country disturbance.

But let’s go in order and see in more detail what this new and serious disturbing element coming to Italy will combine.
After a Saturday 30 October with residual disturbances between Sicily and Calabria and the first signs of a change on the regions of Northwest, here is the month ends with a Sunday 31 October very capricious for many regions of the country.
Already from the first light of day clouds e rains scattered throughout the western sector of the North, some stretches of the Tyrrhenian belt of Center, the Sardinia and most of Sicily.
These will be the regions where it will continue to rain for most of the day while on North East and on the remaining central-southern regions, the weather forecast will feature strong variability, ma which will in any case force us to keep an umbrella close at hand for greater safety.
A further resurgence of phenomena on the Sicily where we also expect strong showers and local storms.

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Instead, things will go further getting worse on a general scale in that of Monday 1 November when practically “all Saints“will be wet by rains too strong al North where, especially in the second part of the day, intense showers and local downpours are expected from Lombardy they will move rapidly towards the regions of the Northeast, in particular in the Triveneto area.
Central Italy will also receive its abundant dose of rain, especially the Tyrrhenian sector and therefore from Tuscany until the Lazio.
All will also be accompanied by a net reinforcement of the winds from the southern quadrants that will cause a general increase in wave motion both on the Tyrrhenian and on the Adriatic side.
A little less perturbed instead the meteorological picture at South where clouds and rains will alternate more frequently with temporary clearings or dry pauses. Only from evening, while you will hear a rapid improvement al North, we expect a resurgence of bad weather on the sectors of the lower Tyrrhenian particularly on Campania e Calabria.

This will be the prelude to a quieter Tuesday in the Center-North and with residual bad weather at Southbut looking forward to a new one worsening arriving once again from the west in the following days. Here more details