Popular Association of Savings and Loans seeks people for the position of IT Systems Architect in the Dominican Republic

Currently in the Popular Association of Savings and Loans (APAP) we are looking for an IT Systems Architect, who will be supporting several of our institutional strategic initiatives.

Job Requirements:

University degree, preferable in:

  • Systems Engineering;
  • Telecommunications Engineering;
  • Software Engineering;
  • Electronic Engineering;

Specialized knowledge in:

  • Git version control.
  • Software implementations with DevOps, CI / CD (Complex Pipeline).
  • Cloud computing and cloud solutions – IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, etc.
  • Deployment of solutions on the Container platform.
  • Advanced software deployment and / or releases (A / B Testing, Blue / Green and Canary deployment, others).
  • Development in Containers and / or Container Platform.
  • Knowledge in the construction of RESTful APIs.
  • Knowledge of Internet and network standards and protocols, including HTTP, TCP / IP, SAML, TLS, SSL.
  • Styles and patterns of systems and / or software architecture:
  1. Layered Architecture;
  2. Event-driven Architecture;
  3. Architecture based on micro services (Microservices Architecture);
  4. Architecture based on distributed systems;
  5. Domain-driven design;
  6. MVC (Model-View-Controller);
  7. BFF (Backend for FrontEnd);
  8. Pub/Sub (Publish & Subscribe);
  9. RPC (Request/Replay) messaging;
  10. Asynchronous messaging;

Minimum experience:

3 years or more of work experience:

  • in Systems, Telecommunications and Infrastructure;
  • in Architecture Financial Sector;
  • with database design and data modeling;

Job Mission:

  • Define and implement software technologies in accordance with technological architecture standards, ensuring the optimization of budget expenses and the simplification of systems using new technologies and the automation of processes, compliance with established policies and procedures.

Main Functions and Responsibilities:

  • Standardize, document and establish controls, solutions to implement Complex Systems.
  • Design solutions that provide the required functionality, adjusted to architecture patterns, scalable, high-performance, safe and with optimal maintenance.
  • Analyze, evaluate, identify, improve, old Software Systems, and define a new substitute for it, Optimized, which complies with the Technology Architecture standard.
  • Capable of integrating multiple data sources and databases into one system
  • Participate in weekly scrum meetings with the developer teams, to define and ensure that the design is implemented correctly.
  • Work with the product team and other interested parties (functional areas) to gather the requirements and analyze them.
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